Sometimes Good Things Happen – Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

A long time ago I wrote a blog post regarding the skating rink, or lack there of, in our neighborhood. Long time readers of the blog may remember how I wrote of how our little historic neighborhood, in the heart of Red Deer, had been stripped of our little outdoor rink, the resulting fuss that the community raised, the newspaper interviews, the television coverage, and in the end, the return of a snow bank rink.

Well today a wonderful thing happened. I drove past the park where the rink was last winter and believe it or not the rink was up WITH BOARDS! Now this is huge. We get our rink again and we get END BOARDS.

Woodlea skating rink on October 20, 2013. All ready for winter to come.

Woodlea skating rink on October 20, 2013. All ready for winter to come.

Now anyone reading this in a country that doesn’t succumb to snow and ice for at least six months of the year may not understand how momentous this is, but for our neighborhood this is a great thing. Our kids get to skate within blocks of home any time they wish. The boys can now play hockey and when they shoot at the goal and miss (which happens 99.999999% of the time!) the puck will hit the backboard and bounce back instead of burying itself in a snow bank never to be found. Hide and seek is a fun game but not when it involves looking for a puck in snow that is three feet deep, especially when all the direction you get from your little hockey players is “I think it went somewhere over there Mom! Or was it over there.” And trust me, an orange puck doesn’t make it any easier……..we tried that too.

woodlea skating rink

A local school group skating one afternoon at the Woodlea skating rink in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Our little skating rink is great for our neighborhood, but it is also great for the schools in our area that draw students from throughout the city. Last year on several occasions I encountered different schools using this park area. They skated and tobogganed. It was great to see.

The City of Red Deer has done a great thing re-installing our rink. I was happy with the snow bank rink last year, but having actual boards is going to make for a great winter for those who love to shoot a puck.

A big “THANK YOU” to those who made the decision to return the rink to our neighborhood. We really appreciate it. It is going to be a great winter.

Afternoon at Bower Ponds – Red Deer, Alberta

Bower Ponds, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Children may be back at school and vacations are over but it certainly felt like summer this afternoon. Bower Ponds (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) was buzzing today. People were out running and walking, couples were having lunch, bikes went zipping by and children played on the playground. A high school class was even out on the water testing their canoeing skills.

Bower Ponds, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

We stopped by the park for a walk around the pond , and more importantly. a trip to the playground. Bower Ponds has an awesome playground, it is on rubber rather than sand, and has the equipment separated into areas according to different age levels.

After a play on the playground we strolled over the bridge and around the ponds. We watched the canoes, and then the littles spotted the ducks. The ducks were feeding away and the littles thought the ducks going upside down was just the funniest thing ever. We sat and watched the ducks for quite a while and then it was time for home. Hopefully we will have a few more summery days before fall truly arrives.

Bower Ponds, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Something to Smile About!

blue grass sod farms central spray & play, red deer, alberta

I have had the images for this post prepped for days, however reality took over the blog and my original post was put on the back burner.

blue grass sod farms central spray & play, red deer, alberta

Red Deer has a fabulous new addition to the city, the Blue Grass Sod Farms Central Spray & Play. This new spray park is purely fun. There are spray areas for big kids and little kids. Little sprays of water and big dumps of water. Hoops of water to run through, a spraying bridge, water canons and flowers that shower. There is so much to do that the kids at the park are playing and behaving, and I also noticed a large number of parents with smiles on their faces. This is good.

(Please click on the images to view the gallery.)

The park is located at 47th A Avenue and 48th Street. There is parking nearby and it is walkable from downtown.

blue grass sod farms central spray & play, red deer, alberta

It’s a cool place to be and a place to cool down.

Paddling on Lake Isle – Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta

Lake Isle, AlbertaWe finally took the plunge and decided to put the canoe in the lake. It has been ages since we have canoed, years in fact, as we had abandoned canoeing the minute we bought our first kayak. Let’s face it, kayaks are toys. They are fun, and our little 9 footer turns on a dime making our canoe feel like it is plodding through the water. However now that our kayaks are happily living on Pender Island, we decided it was time for the boat that had been sadly leaning against our fence to finally hit the water again.

The other weekend the lake looked good and smelled good so we decided it was a good day for a paddle. I had bad memories of a wobbly canoe and panicky kids from times canoeing in previous years, but none of this came true on this outing. Clearly kayaking in the ocean had made us stronger paddlers, braver paddlers and also made for braver passengers ( our children). I had forgotten how wide a canoe was compared to a kayak and how much space we had, that took a little bit to get used to.

The outing was successful. We never get to paddle very far as we take turns rotating through which children get to ride and which ones get to paddle. It is pretty much like a lakeside fairground ride. We had missed the bloom of the water lilies this year, but we still managed to paddle by all the lily leaves floating on the surface of the lake. We paddled back and forth along the lake’s edge; most of the cabins had not put docks in this year which made this an easy task.

Hopefully this coming long weekend we will get another windless day and be able to put the boat in again. The kids were thrilled to canoe, and we were pretty surprised with how much fun we had.