Photography on the Beach

I haven’t shared any portrait photography on this blog as of late, so I thought it would be nice to post a gallery of some outdoor portraits from the beaches of British Columbia. You can’t beat rocks and driftwood as a background. Such a beautiful location for shooting.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics
Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, British Columbia

Website at:


Black and White Studio Photography (4 images)

Here are a few recent images taken in the studio. I am beginning to really like the look of a very simple and plain background. The softer lighting pattern is also a nice look. I decided to share the black and whites on this blog , however if you wish to view a few color images from the same sitting they can be viewed by clicking  here.

 studio portrait

studio portrait

studio portrait

studio portrait

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Black and White Studio Portraits

 bw studio portrait of girl 2These images are from a shoot in the studio on the weekend. It is always nice when you have a subject that really wants to have their portrait taken and is full of smiles. Color images from the same shoot can be viewed here on one of my other blogs, it is more of a business blog for my photography and art. I have to admit I really like the black and white images; they have such a timeless quality.

bw studio portrait of girl





FINALLY finished painting the studio (finally!)

studio portrait 3 blogWell I never thought it would happen but I finally finished painting the studio. “Finally” should be written in capitals,  in bold, underlined and perhaps printed in the color red. I swear it took an eternity and a half to finish. It is a big space. It does have high ceilings. But to make things even better it was an absolute joy to paint the floor with the smelliest oil based paint known to man in an unventilated area. Layer after layer after layer of sticky, smelly paint. It is no mystery why I don’t repaint this area every year or two.

Previously this area was painted in dark blues, so the light earth tones are a significant change. Updating is good. It makes you rethink how to light and shoot your subject.

This is one of a handful of images shot to test the studio area. I have a few more shots in this post on . I also tend to post samples on my website at and on my Facebook page if you are interested in seeing more work.

“Yellow Hoody”

yellow hoody blog“Yellow Hoody” is another one of my Photoshop experiments. I needed something to work on while I pondered my next fibre art piece (the grand dilemma is cotton or silk) and thought about photography work that I should be doing. I figure at 11:00 pm it is okay to play rather than work.

This image is from a studio shoot on Saturday. I’ll share a few of the “proper” images in the very near future. I do think the simple studio background works very well with this style of manipulation. At the very least it is fun to have a play.

Portrait on a boat

Portrait on a BoatThe idea of doing a portrait on a boat was a new idea that quite appealed to me. The boat “architecture” is surely different to shooting in a studio or against a building, plus there is the added bonus of a landscape or interesting sky in the background.

Portrait on a Boat

However shooting on a moving boat certainly presents a whole new set of challenges. The biggest challenge being the wind; I eventually took the approach to embrace the wind rather than fight it….if the shoot is on a boat it should have the feel of being on a boat.  The other challenge is lighting as you don’t exactly get to pick the direction the boat is facing; for this set of images I shot on a lower deck, which was covered, allowing for more even lighting on the face.

Portrait on a BoatShooting portraits on a boat is a project I will continue to explore, however in the future it will not be the 7 a.m. boat…that is just too early to shoot a portrait!

Little Flower

"little flower"The last few days I have been shooting a bit in the studio. I have been concentrating on a bit more classical child portraiture. A look that is a little more timeless. The real challenge is to shoot children that are all dressed up but to make them look natural. This little girl is a princess at heart, which makes the task quite easy. She actually told me she is going to be a fairy princess when she grows up; pretty exciting stuff!

I am a big fan of black and white. I love the simplicity. In this portrait the little touch of color softens the portrait and adds to the sweetness of the little girl.

The New Wedding Coverage – Hunter Photographics

bride and groom

The Background

After years of shooting hundreds of weddings we have decided to change our format for the wedding coverage we offer. We had noticed that over the years the wedding photography had become less and less about the bride and groom. Weddings had gone from being about the bride and groom with a few wedding party and family pictures, to weddings full of family politics and wedding party drama (even months before the wedding, let alone on the wedding day) that we as photographers, for some inexplicable reason, were expected to sort out. We realized we had to make a change. Our choices were to either stop photographing weddings or to change the style of wedding coverage so that we could do what we do best …………photography.

bride with colored flowers

The Concept

The wedding is one of the bride’s and groom’s most important days of their life. We believe the photography should reflect the couple’s relationship. We believe that their wedding day photography should be carried out in an enjoyable, stress free environment and be carried out in a time efficient manner. For these reasons we have chosen to focus on a wedding coverage that is for the bride and groom only.

Our goal is to provide beautiful photography for the wedding couple. We can tailor the style of photography to be anything from classical portraiture to a journalistic look, but at the end of the day the couple will have a lovely selection of fine art wedding photographs. Our goal is to provide memorable images to last a lifetime in this age of disposable iPhone photos. Our goal is to provide photography to couples who take photography as seriously as we do.

bride and groom on bridge

How The Packages Work

The wedding photography industry has become notorious for having complicated packages so that the wedding couples have no idea what they are really paying for. My all time favorite is the “minimum investment” system, which has all the vibes of a used car salesman.

We decided we want to make the packages as simple as possible. Our packages are for a set time frame; one package is a one and a half hour time frame, the other package is a two-hour time frame. During the photography session we shoot an unlimited number of images, and photograph in an unlimited number of locations. The packages have a specific number of enlargements included, all are the most popular sizes we sell, and all enlargements are fully retouched.

Our goal is a simple and refined system for wedding photography.

bride and groom with flowers

The Packages

The Classic Wedding Portrait Package

The Classic Wedding Portrait Package is a two-hour photography session of the bride and groom concentrating on creative photography in studio or at your choice of locations in Red Deer.

This package also includes:

Six 5×7 enlargements in folders.

Six 8×10 enlargements in folders.

$795.00 (plus GST)

The Wedding Portfolio

The Wedding Portfolio is a one and a half hour photography session of the bride and groom. Photography is available in studio or at your choice of locations in Red Deer. This package is available September through April on Saturdays, and weekdays throughout the year.

This package also includes:

Four 5×7 enlargements in folders.

Three 8×10 enlargements in folders.

$395.00 (plus GST)

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Please check out our website to view samples of our work and to contact us with any questions you may have.