Woolisaurus – another knitted adventure

Late Sunday night my youngest, most huggy, kissy son came up to me and asked “Mama can you knit me a dinosaur?” I gave my standard “We’ll see.” response and it was left at that. By midnight I was thinking of how sweet he had been and thought why not, how hard can it be (a la “Top Gear”), and so I trekked off to the basement to find some yarn suitable for a dinosaur.

hand knit dinosaur

hand knit dinosaur

Turquoise seemed the right color for a stuffie knitted dinosaur for a preschooler. Not having a pattern I decided to start with the head and see how it went, knitting well past midnight. I figured if it went bad I could just abandon the project and my littlest one would be none the wiser, in fact he would probably have forgotten about his request by morning.

The head went well and I even managed to get a nice curve to it, and of course then I just had to see if the neck would work. By 2 am I had winged it enough to have a recognizable dinosaur head, neck and top of body.

blog woolisaurus_2656In the morning he awoke to see the started project on the kitchen table and the excitement kicked in. This dinosaur was going to be knit….today. Our son ran to get his huge multi-color dinosaur book, plopped himself down next to me, and opened the book of cartoon dinosaurs to be used for reference. After a quick discussion regarding the fact that this dinosaur was never going to be a triceratops (ever), he found a picture of the type of dinosaur his stuffie could be.

Sitting next to me, my son was the foreman. He told me how to knit the tummy, the number of legs the dinosaur needed and how long his tail should be. We did have our creative differences over the tail; I convinced him some trendy yellow stripes would look better than the red and green Christmas colors he wanted. We knit all morning and all afternoon until the dinosaur  was knit, stuffed and assembled. There was NO downtime. Looking a little under dressed we decided he needed a wooly scarf and that was knit this evening while playing (and losing) a game of Ticket to Ride.

We have named our dinosaur Woolisaurus….what else do you name a wooly dinosaur!? He measures 18 inches long and 6.5 inches high, and he has been hugged a lot already.

Being a patternless project, I probably should have written down what I was knitting as I did it, as I have now had more dinosaur requests from our other children. Maybe it is best this dinosaur is one of a kind, maybe that makes him even more special.

( www.thehuntergroup.ca for other knit items…..just not dinosaurs!)

Too too pink?

blog tutu1My youngest daughter has been wanting “a pouffy skirt like a ballerina” for quite a while. She doesn’t want it as a dress up costume, she wants it as a normal piece of clothing, a skirt to wear to school. Today was another catch up day of “to dos” (2 hours fixing my husband’s coat, the boys needed haircuts, etc.) so I figured I might as well spend the evening making the skirt. I was guessing a bit at her vision, but knowing that her plans as a future career is to become a “princess” (she is mentally making lists of countries that have royalty…seriously!), I knew understated was probably not what she was thinking.

blog tutu2So here we have the vision in pink. A quick iPhone picture in bad lighting, but it gives a sense of the amount of fluff and pinkness. We woke her up to show her the finished item and she loves it. She also picked out a pink top and pink tights to wear with it tomorrow. That is going to be a whole lot of pink! It should be quite the sight seeing her play dodge ball in gym class, and I’m not sure how she is going to wear her snow pants with the skirt. It is definitely a “go big or go home” clothing item. One thing is for sure, no one will be wearing the same outfit in school tomorrow.

When Weekends Don’t Go As Planned

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I have decided to go for a post of peaceful images of flowers at our cabin for today. My brain needs a little zen at the moment as our weekend did not go as planned.

Now when most people say their weekend didn’t go as planned events such as car trouble, bad weather or a change in work schedules usually come to mind; our was different. On Friday night we drove up to our cabin, we had a meeting we wanted to attend on Saturday and thought going up the night before would mean we could sleep in late before heading off to the afternoon meeting. We were awoken just after 7:00 am by a thumping noise, at first we thought “oh no, not squirrels in the attic again”, and then the thumping got louder and louder as if someone was jumping on top of the roof. The cabin was shaking. At that moment my husband shouted “the kids”, ran into their room, and found our eldest in a full-blown seizure on the top bunk bed. Pure panic took hold.

My husband shouts “call 911” as he keeps our son as safe as possible. I find the phone, dial the number, at this point our four other children are shrieking hysterically with fear. The thrashing stops, then nothing. Our son is breathing but no response to anything. I am now on the phone to 911, they get the details of our son, I am describing everything, and then they ask for our address.

We are at a rural address, it is full of “TWP”‘s and “RD”‘s and numbers, a lot of numbers, especially when you are panicked. My mind races and then I realize the only thing I can do is run down the road and read the sign to the 911 operator. My husband is with our son. Our other children are on the couch screaming thinking their brother will die. I run down the gravel road in bare feet and pajamas to get the address so that we can get help.


I finally give the address to the 911 operator, run back down the road, and find our son still isn’t responding but is breathing. The first responders are dispatched. We wait for what seemed an eternity but in fact was about half an hour. The 911 operator talked to us constantly, reassuring us, asking our son’s condition. A few minutes before the ambulance arrived our son started mumbling and moaning with some weird jerky body movements. We start to feel a bit better with this. Our second son had a couple of seizures as a toddler with fevers, and had come out of them fairly quickly compared to what we had just witnessed. A bit of moaning at this point seemed like progress. Just as the first responders entered the cabin our son tried to sit up. My husband said it was uncanny. It was also a huge relief.

They checked out our son, took all the vitals, and readied him for transport to the hospital. We arrived at the Stollery Children’s Hospital roughly an hour later. The first responders were brilliant. I can not say enough about how great they were. They waited with us until our son was taken over by the hospital and the fantastic care did not end there. Admission, nurses, doctors, everyone was great. They were pleasant, polite and efficient. Tests done, even a CT scan, and all was done quickly. The hospital was clean, cheerfully decorated and the waiting room was great for our other children as it had video games, an aquarium, toys and TV’s.

Four hours later we were relieved to find all the tests had come back normal. We still have follow-up testing to do, but we are blessed that our son seems fine.

As you can imagine we are all still a little on edge, at night we can’t help but check on the kids a few extra times, but knock on wood all seems well.

We will never again say “Our weekend didn’t go as planned.” when something little, like rain on a camping trip, happens.