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Seeing as my blog is 15,000 to 35,000 views a day at the moment I’ve decided to have an opportunistic moment, after all there is a little capitalist in me at times! It seems like a complete waste to let all this traffic go by and not introduce my new project. After all now all the left-leaning hate-mailers who have said “get to work woman” can now put their money where their mouth is, buy my products, make me work, and allow me to pay tax to the government to support their desired social programs (yes that was a dig!).

The project is Handmade in Canada.  The site’s focus is on hand made items and eventually art will also be added to the site. The current items are all hand knits made of 100% Canadian produced wool milled in heritage style mills in Alberta and P.E.I.. I hand dye my wool in micro batches in natural dyes including marigold from my garden, tansy that grows by rural roads, and arbutus bark from trees of the west coast.

Items listed for sale include tax and shipping within Canada; I like to keep things simple. I also deal with small scale wholesale such as boutiques, museums, coffee shops and gift shops; please email me if you have wholesale inquiries.

Below are the collections. Check back on the site often as I have many items that are just about to be listed on the site.

o canada collection 4x6_0974

The O’Canada Collection

beach house collection 4x6_0939The Beach House Collection

salish collection 4x6_0912

The Salish Collection

woods collection 4x6_0965

The Woods Collection

cottage garden collection 4x6_0986

The Cottage Garden Collection

wearable collection 4x6_1438

The Wearable Collection

Feel free to email me through the site regarding sizes, dimensions and any other details, as I draft the patterns by hand, customization is also available.