Natural Dyeing and a New Project

Naturally dyed in goldenrod and indigo.

A new project is in the works, Pure Wear Canada. This is an expansion of what started with my project Handmade in Canada. Pure Wear Canada is focusing on naturally dyed premium knits, but not contained to a Canadian theme.

Currently works are in progress and will be appearing in the online shop at over the next few weeks. This is an exciting direction that opens up more and more possibilities. Pop by the site, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram (@purewearcanada) if you have a spare minute.

Opus Daily Practice 2017 – Day 1

Opus Art Supplies do a really cool thing for the month of February, they run a feature called Opus Daily Practice in which they encourage people to engage daily in a creative pursuit. 28 days of working on your daily practice to refine and engage consistently with your art. Last year I found out about […]

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More Finger Puppets

finger flyers

Tonight it is another super quick blog post as I am finishing off the last of the “have to’s” on my knitting list. The last few months all I seem to do is knit , knit , knit, dye more yarn and repeat. It also explains the lack of blogging (well that and endless weeks of preserving and jelly making). The fact that I have a shipment of 25 pounds worth of Canadian wool on its way tells you just how much knitting has been going on….of course I haven’t quite figured out where I will store it once it arrives, but I will figure it out.

Tonight I am finishing off more finger puppets. This time simplistic childlike airplanes. Perfect for popping on your finger, acting out aerobatics and making zooming noises. This first batch is a special request, but I will eventually have a few online at .

As of tomorrow I can start rebuilding stock for the shop online. Currently it is pretty wiped out with stock going into boutiques and galleries in Alberta and British Columbia. I have lots of new ideas that I am looking forward to trying including expanding the wearables section of the items I make. It’s a good thing I have a huge shipment of wool coming my way!







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The O’ Canada Collection Is Now Available

As some of you may know, I have a new site up called Handmade in Canada. It is a site of handmade and art pieces, influenced and inspired by Canada, and often made with natural, eco-friendly and Canadian sourced materials.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding shops and galleries to our various collections on Handmade in Canada. Today we launched the O’ Canada Collection.

Our O’Canada Collection celebrates the colors of our flag. The iconic red and white, are accompanied by grays, dark browns and blacks. This is classic Canadian. Our collection will remind you of ….well……everything Canadian (and maybe old school work socks too!).

The O’ Canada Collection is made of natural sheep wool, produced here in Canada and milled in a heritage mill. We believe in using natural products and using Canadian produced raw materials when possible. The yarn for this collection is hand dyed in natural dyes in micro batches with the red color being obtained through dyeing with lac. All items are hand knit and are one of a kind. Each item posted is available for purchase and ready to be shipped. Items can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Items start at $15.00 including tax and shipping within Canada. The pieces make great gifts for friends and family  as they are Canadian made, unbreakable, and ship well.

I hope you will pop over to the new site and check it out. More collections are to come. Also if you have any special requests send us an email, we are always up for creating something new.

For more information please feel free to email us at .

by Debra Hunter

Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada

leaf red 3x3 square 350dpi stylized 2







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Coffee Sweaters Custom Made For Woods On Pender

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

blog woods_0738 Coffee Press Sweater available from Woods on Pender (Pender Island, BC, Canada)

Ten new Coffee Press Sweaters have just been completed. This batch will be available at Woods On Pender (Pender Island, BC, Canada) very shortly.

Coffee Press Sweaters both protect the coffee press and keep your coffee warm while adding a little style to your table.

Each Coffee Press Sweater is made of 100% Canadian wool, milled in Alberta. The wool is dyed by hand in natural dyes and the sweaters are knit by hand. This collection features dyes of chamomile, pomegranate, turmeric, madder and indigo.

This selection features the resort’s logo and colors, however we can accommodate other colors and patterns if you have something special in mind as each piece is made completely by hand.

If you are interested in a Coffee Press Sweater, feel free to email Debra at .

Art, photography and handmade…

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