Road Trips and IPhone Pics

This last week and a half allowed us to see some amazing scenery while on the road. Oddly, much of the time we were faced with patchy 3G and poor WiFi on all of our family phones. When even Instagram was failing all the time (losing connection part way through the upload), and I was excited to see two bars on my phone (one seemed to be the norm), I knew that there was no way putting up a blog post would work. So now, sitting at home with a good Internet connection, I can finally share iPhone pics from the road.







Alberta Rainbow

rainbow near nantonA quick through the window iphone shot of a rainbow we were treated to near Nanton, Alberta (Canada).








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Into the Snow Shed

Spring isn’t quite here for good……they are called snow sheds for a reason!

A snowy afternoon headed into the Great Bear Snow Shed on the Coquihalla Highway ( British Columbia , Canada ).

Sunset Over Mackenzie Ponds – Red Deer, AB, Canada

A walk before dinner treated us to a sky with an amazing sunset. We had chosen to walk the paths at Mackenzie Ponds thinking that perhaps it wouldn’t be too icy.

Luckily the paths had been gritted at some point, plus they were a little mushy due to melting temperatures, so walking was quite pleasant.

20150126-183758.jpg Remarkably for such a beautiful evening, other than our family there was only one other person out on the trails.

It is great to get out for walks in the winter, especially in nice temperatures. It is a stark contrast to last January where -20, -30 and -40C temperatures were the norm. Glancing at the forecast, we have a few more days of lovely weather to enjoy and then winter returns. The beautiful weather has been a nice break and certainly makes winter seem shorter.

( This is an iPhone and remote post done to test if WordPress is still working on remote device as the updates have made many functions, especially stats completely not operational . Please leave a note if something in the post is not displaying as it should so that I do not continue to post remote posts that don’t work properly……an iPhone 6 isn’t in the budget .)