Last Ski of the Season? – Heritage Ranch (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

After days and days of cold temperatures and snow, it has finally warmed up . By afternoon the temperature had reached +2C and it seemed the perfect weather for a ski.

Today I decided to try Heritage Ranch for my ski spot, I thought a (literal) change of scenery would be nice, instead of skiing my usual route.

The trails were definitely a little bit slippy today with the warming temperatures. I will admit I paused at the top of the long hill before going down it, trying to decide how slippery it was going to be coming back up. After watching another skier tackle it with a slow “snowplow”, I decided to take the same approach.

As I only had a limited amount of time to ski, the plan was to go down to the base of the hill to the large open field and then turn around and go back up.

At the bottom of the hill I had a change of plan. It was pretty slippery in spots on the hill, and I knew it was not going to be fun going back up. I decided to go with “Plan B” and take the bridleway that snakes through the back way instead. It seemed to be a better option to break trail through fluffy snow, than spend the next 10 – 15 minutes sliding uphill. The “unofficial way ” seemed to be the most sensible option.

This just might be the last ski of the season, at least for skiing in Red Deer (Alberta, Canada). The forecast for the next six days is calling for temperatures above zero. Perhaps spring IS going to arrive.


iPhone pics by Debra Hunter






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Summer Up Close


butterfly and clover – heritage ranch, red deer

I’ve been negligent with blogging this summer, being outside, going to the pool and playing tennis has taken priority over sitting in front of a screen. As we haven’t been able to use our cabin this summer we have taken to rediscovering places in our city.

Recently we went for an afternoon walk at Heritage Ranch (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada). It has been ages since we have been there in the summer months, usually it is a spot we go for a winter walk. As we looked across to the fishing pond we were treated to visits by multiple butterflies, dragonflies and other small creatures.

butterfly  - heritage ranch, red deer

butterfly – heritage ranch, red deer

It’s always fun to see if you can capture an image of the butterflies flitting from flower to flower. On this particular day they were quite cooperative.

butterfly  - heritage ranch, red deer

Some of the butterflies also decided to show off a bit and pose upside down.

ant on flower at heritage ranch, red deer, alberta, canada

Not to be forgotten, the ant had to get in on the pictures as well. Quite a fun shot I think.

It’s always amazing to look at macro images as you get to examine details close up and see the intricacies of the world around us.


Photography by Debra Hunter

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A Walk Through Heritage Ranch

blog heritage ranch 7 With all the Christmas craziness going on in the world at the moment, I decided that the best way to spend the day was a walk at Heritage Ranch (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada). Walking down a snowy path seemed much more appealing than wrestling with shoppers and being in traffic jams (I’m not a “shopper” in the best circumstances, so Christmas shopping really isn’t my “thing”.)

blog heritage ranch 8The original plan was to snowshoe, but parts of the the path were too bare.

blog heritage ranch 6blog heritage ranch 5The hay bales along the way added a bit of western flare.

blog heritage ranch 2

Some horses were being harnessed up for a sleigh ride.

blog heritage ranch 1Our son was thrilled when he was able to see the horses up close.

blog heritage ranch 9The view from the bridge allows a great view of the paddock.

blog heritage ranch 3The scenery was pretty in all directions. The grass was covered in a delicate frost which was just lovely, unfortunately I only had my phone with me for pictures and iphones are only average for macro photography.

blog heritage ranch 4

Wintery lighting shone behind the evergreens, and at the end of our walk we were greeted by a cheerful snowman.

blog heritage ranch 10