Taking the Plunge

blog kayak 1We’ve finally taken the plunge. We’ve talked about picking up another kayak for quite a while. We’ve flipped through paddling magazines, watched for used boats on the coast, and drooled over the boats in the shops all winter long. We’ve debated getting a cheap kayak for the kids, or getting a better boat for “us” (the grown-ups!) and letting them have our little boat. Today we just did it. We walked into the store for another wistful look at the boats and there was a 13.5 foot boat on sale…quite on sale.

blog kayak 2The pretty green one is ours. We pick it up tomorrow. We’ll get to put it in the water in about a month. Kayaking isn’t on the minds of most in February, but we were actually paddling a week and a half ago out on the coast. Winter kayaking….best thing ever (beats shoveling snow!)blog kayak mapOf course when we saw this map, we just had to have it too!


Last Of The Summer Sun On Pender Island

Portrait photography and all my artistic pursuits have been on hold for the last little bit as we took a quick trip to Pender Island, BC, Canada. Enroute we popped into Victoria for the day then caught the last ferry of the evening to Pender. The next day we managed to catch the last of the summer sun and spent a wonderful afternoon on Niagara beach. It is a fantastic sandy beach, tucked away down a steep hill. I had no idea how steep a hill it was until I carried our 2 year old up it, that was quite the workout. We popped down to South Pender Island before the sun set and visited the beach at Craddock Drive. I managed to capture some fabulous seaside images of summer that day, which was lucky as the next day was one of mist and fog and rain.