The Garden in Black and White

Flowers in black and white. A different way to view our natural world. Seeing form over color. An artistic way to interpret our gardens. Seeing things differently, that is what photography should be about. Photography by Debra Hunter Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada . . . . Ads belong to WordPress

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June Garden

I thought it was time for a lighthearted post, and with the garden growing beautifully, I thought it was the perfect subject matter.

blog bee and chives_9740 a - photography by debra hunter

Much of our flower garden consists of perennials. Each year, in our back garden, we are treated to the returning blooms of columbine, lupine,chives, poppies, peonies, daisies and lily of the valley.

blog columbine_9769 a

blog columbine_9760 a

blog daisies_9708 a

blog lupine_9787 a

blog poppy_9721 a - photography by debra hunter

blog peony_9792 a

blog garden_9780 a

We have expanded our growing of vegetables this year with four wooden raised beds, three galvanized troughs and multiple pots for growing strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes ( we also have potatoes in the ground).

blog raised bed_9778

blog vegetable garden_9704

Vegetables being grown include kale, chard, lettuce, cabbage, beets, carrots, radishes, onions, garlic, peas, beans, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini.

blog troughs raised beds_9797

blog beans and peas_9776

The front garden and beds grow naturally and only need the odd weeding and very little water. Here we have hardy roses, fern, peonies, lily of the valley, and delphinium.

blog rose_9700

blog rose_9702

blog fern_9833 a

And last but not least we have a few planters filled with flowers for a splash of color.

blog pansies_9691

So far everything is looking great. It will be interesting to do a similar post in July to see what is blooming then. Perhaps by then we will have some vegetables to eat.






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Summer Up Close


butterfly and clover – heritage ranch, red deer

I’ve been negligent with blogging this summer, being outside, going to the pool and playing tennis has taken priority over sitting in front of a screen. As we haven’t been able to use our cabin this summer we have taken to rediscovering places in our city.

Recently we went for an afternoon walk at Heritage Ranch (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada). It has been ages since we have been there in the summer months, usually it is a spot we go for a winter walk. As we looked across to the fishing pond we were treated to visits by multiple butterflies, dragonflies and other small creatures.

butterfly  - heritage ranch, red deer

butterfly – heritage ranch, red deer

It’s always fun to see if you can capture an image of the butterflies flitting from flower to flower. On this particular day they were quite cooperative.

butterfly  - heritage ranch, red deer

Some of the butterflies also decided to show off a bit and pose upside down.

ant on flower at heritage ranch, red deer, alberta, canada

Not to be forgotten, the ant had to get in on the pictures as well. Quite a fun shot I think.

It’s always amazing to look at macro images as you get to examine details close up and see the intricacies of the world around us.


Photography by Debra Hunter

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Into the Garden

Spring is finally here. The snow is finally gone. Here is a peek at what is growing and blooming at our garden at home.

(Please click on the images above to view pictures from the gallery full size.)