A New Bridge For The Park (Red Deer, Alberta)

We had excitement in our neighbourhood today, a new bridge was installed just around the corner from home. Of course having a five year old boy who is intrigued with construction, we just had to check it out.

blog bridge 1Its always fun to take a look at the diggers, what they are up to and what they have done.

blog bridge 2As we neared the bridge we were pleasantly surprised by the choice of style. A nod to modern while keeping the traditional white of the bridge that has been located at this spot for decades.

blog bridge 4Whoever chose the final decision for the bridge has made a great design choice. It looks beautiful, but also has higher railings and closer together slats which making crossing with children a little bit safer.

blog bridge 3The slight curve to the bridge is going to add a bit more fun for those riding bikes in the park too. (Note to self: remind the kids to slow down!)

blog bridge 5We are pretty thrilled with this new improvement to our neighbourhood. This bridge we walk over everyday. Now it isn’t just functional, but also quite a nice design to look at.


(iPhone photography by Debra Hunter)






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Fall Portrait Sitting Fees for Photography – Hunter Photographics – Red Deer, Alberta

red deer outdoor child portrait

Fall portrait of a child taken in Coronation Park, Red Deer.

With the arrival of fall colors, I’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding sitting fees for family portraits. As my website is more of an information site rather than a selling site I thought I would share the pricing on the blog instead. The prices listed are for either studio photography or location photography within the Red Deer city limits. Prices are in effect until October 30th, 2014. Please feel free to send us an email or text, or give us a call with any questions you may have. All our contact information is available at www.thehuntergroup.ca .

Sitting Fees

One to five people ………….$75.00
Six to eight people ……….…..$105.00
Nine to twelve people ..……..$120.00
Over thirteen people ..………$155.00

***Please contact us for special pricing on business head shots.

blog H

Photography by Debra Hunter
Family, baby, pregnancy, wedding and business photography in Red Deer, Alberta.


It’s Back (sigh)


coronation park, red deer, alberta, canada

coronation park, red deer, alberta, canada

coronation park, red deer, alberta, canada

(For the record, I don’t like winter. I am in denial about winter arriving. I was the person kayak shopping on Friday. Yes, we did get REALLY stuck today……enough said.)



Winter Wonderland

The last few days we have had some serious winter weather. It has been very cold and very snowy. Instead of staying inside for yet another day I decided to venture out and take some nature pictures in an effort to embrace the winter season. One thing is for sure, we are having a white Christmas this year.

Coronation Park in the Fall

I did another nice shoot in Coronation Park a couple of days ago. The leaves and the weather were just perfect. The warm toned backlight also added a lot of sparkle to the portrait. The fall leaves are certainly beautiful this year, hopefully they will be on the trees for another week or so.

September, a great month for family photography.

This week has been a fantastic week for shooting. The weather has been perfect and the leaves are still green giving the look and feel of summer.  Earlier this week I did a great shoot with a young family. Nice casual shots in the park and by the creek. The pictures capture the closeness of the family and will provide many years of great memories of when the children were young. Next week will be a whole new look for outdoor portraits as the leaves will have changed to golds and yellows giving a cozy autumn look.