1:00 am Cookies

blog cookies 2Doesn’t everyone bake Christmas cookies at 1:00 am? Yesterday’s batch lasted a half hour, these will be gone by the end of lunch today as they will be packed in the kid’s lunches.

blog cookies 1Most people seem to do one big Christmas bake, but that doesn’t work in our house. It seems no matter how many dozens of cookies I bake the kids find a way to eat them instantly. Five kids, of which three are VERY hungry boys, can consume a lot of cookies.

Chances are some of these cookies may even disappear before morning…..of course my husband may have something to do with that!

Festival Lights The Night – Christmas Lights in Red Deer

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On November 22, 2014 downtown Red Deer (Alberta, Canada) was the site for “Festival Lights the Night”, a celebration for the start of the festive season including the lighting of two very large Christmas trees.

Originally I wasn’t going to post the pictures from the event as it was hard to get images of lights without crowds in the pictures. After glancing through the images a second time I decided that perhaps the crowds made the pictures and gave context to the event being  well attended.

It was a great evening. We saw trees lit, heard a band, saw some mascots, enjoyed the lights, and saw a live nativity. Luckily we live within walking distance so we were also able to incorporate a rather brisk walk.

I especially like the picture of the nativity as the scene has been Canadianized……the shepherd is wearing snowpants….very practical and a little bit less traditional too.

Lighting Up Downtown – The Christmas Lights of Downtown Red Deer (Alberta, Canada)

We finally had a warm evening , well if you call -9C (-14C with wind chill) a warm evening. Due to the nice temperatures we decided to go downtown and check out the Christmas lights. Red Deer always has a beautiful light display during the Christmas season. They are lovely to drive past, but even better when you take the time to walk among the lights.

We started our evening walking through City Hall Park. The pictures above tell the story of sparkly winter wonderland the City of Red Deer creates for the holiday season.

We then decided to stroll down Ross Street that was beautifully lit.

From there we went to admire the dazzling light display that dressed up the Old Court House for Christmas-time.

Christmas lights of home sweet home

After such a nice evening we then returned to our cozy home dressed for the season.

Eight Tiny Reindeer?

Candy Cane Reindeer

Candy Cane Reindeer

“When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and
eight tiny reindeer”

…………………………………….or perhaps 200+! Our house has been a miniature reindeer factory over the past week. We have been making candy cane reindeer. We started a tradition a few years ago of making a Christmas craft or treat to send into school for our children’s classmates. When we first started this we had one child in school so it was an evening of crafting and very easy. Then a few years ago we decided to add our neighbours into the mini gift giving. In the beginning it was only our immediate neighbours, just a couple of houses, but over the last few years the scope has expanded. So now with four children in school, and our neighbourhood mailbox gift drop expanded to 2+ blocks, we now have to make over 200 of these little candy cane reindeer.candy cane reindeer

We managed to get a bit of a production line going, we being myself and the three-year old. I would glue on the eyes, then he would pop on the pink pompom nose, and I would then do the antlers. Our little one is quite proud of doing the noses.

candy cane reindeer

All the candy canes have now been delivered at school. This weekend we will do our door-to-door delivering our little festive reindeer to our neighborhood. The kids love running up to the mailboxes and leaving behind a Christmas surprise.