Darling Child Portrait

vintage child photography, red deer, alberta

I shared an image from this shoot on my other blog, www.debrahunter.wordpress.com , but I just couldn’t resist posting one of the other images here. I love the vintage and timeless look. The rubber boots simply make the shot. I hope this picture makes you smile as much as it makes me smile!

Hunter Photographics
child and family photography in Red Deer, Alberta


Country Boy

max cross process blogAfter an incredibly long winter it is great to finally have the opportunity to shoot some outdoor portraits. Shooting on location is fun, and when you have the opportunity to shoot at a completely new location it makes for some really creative shooting with fresh looking images.

max 4 blogThis session was shot in a rural area west of Edmonton. Country roads, old shacks and interesting fences all create a very rural Alberta atmosphere. Early season gives the warmth and texture of brown grass which adds to the rugged and relaxed feel. Most people think of outside portraiture being green trees and manicured lawns, but I have to admit I like the honesty of shooting in naturally occurring surroundings.

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Portrait by the Frozen Lake

little-boy-by-a-frozen-lakeShooting outdoors early in the season presents both challenges and charms. Cooler temperatures, wind and rain can make for an interesting time to get the right shot. However the less than typical landscape of frozen lakes, grey skies and brown grass certainly can be eye-catching and lend a certain “realness” to the image. This session, on the edge of a frozen Alberta lake, was the perfect setting to capture relaxed images of this little guy.


Coronation Park in the Fall

I did another nice shoot in Coronation Park a couple of days ago. The leaves and the weather were just perfect. The warm toned backlight also added a lot of sparkle to the portrait. The fall leaves are certainly beautiful this year, hopefully they will be on the trees for another week or so.

Fall! It’s Here!

IT’S HERE! FALL! The fall leaves are now in full color. We have about 10 days of perfect color left for outdoor portraits. Now would  be the time to book a session. Aim for a shooting session date before September 30th to make sure you don’t miss out on the leaves. Please visit www.thehuntergroup.ca to check out what we do.

Fun on the Farm

We spent an afternoon shooting in a farmers field west of Red Deer, Alberta. What fun. It is so refreshing to shoot such a fun and candid session. There was wind, and mud and a lot of fun. The images paint a perfect picture of youth and rural Alberta in late summer. Images by Hunter Photographics, Red Deer, Alberta. www.thehuntergroup.ca