Poppies for Remembrance Day

"Poppies" (2015) 12"x12" acrylic on panel

acrylic on panel

This painting that I completed this summer at a en plein air event at the Coutts Centre near Nanton, Alberta seemed like a fitting image for today. The poppy will forever be a symbol linked with Remembrance Day.


Painting by Debra Hunter






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“Standing Tall” – newly completed work

"Standing Tall" Roe Islet series (2015) 24"x24" acrylic on panel

“Standing Tall”
Roe Islet series
acrylic on panel

Painting has been going well over the last few months. Switching to panel and a square format seems to have allowed the work to flow naturally off the brush. This painting is acrylic on panel and measures 24″ by 24″.

Roe Islet (Pender Island, BC, Canada) continues to be a source of inspiration for my paintings, and I am sure by the time I have exhausted all the painting possibilities I will know every rock and tree on the islet. The arbutus amaze me in the way they twist and turn, and the red of the trunks is hypnotizing.


Artwork by Debra Hunter
(Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada)
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Progression of a Painting

I though it might be fun to work through the progression of a painting I finished recently. With the majority of my paintings I use photographs I have taken as a starting point. Generally they are shot with painting specifically in mind. For this particular painting it was a photograph taken on Roe Islet on Pender Island (BC, Canada).

view through the trees photo_3512 aWorking from a photograph makes sense. A busy family with busy children does not mix well with working on location. Generally I shoot a ton of images, edit down the ones I want to paint from, and then I email them to my iPad. Working from the iPad has taken a bit of figuring out, I’ve been doing it for about 6 months. Overall I think it is a better way to work than from a flat photograph on paper. I find I don’t get as hung up on the details and feel I have more license to tweak things. I can also carry around the iPad to think about the next step. I will often shoot the “work in progress” on the iPad so that I can look at it too while plotting the next step. Interestingly my favorite photography images are rarely my favorite images for inspiration for a painting.

blog view through the trees inspiration 2014 4x6 borderWith this painting I decided to do an “inspiration” painting first. It is a small 4″x6″ acrylic on panel. I get bored with the idea of doing sketches, however the idea of a mini painting made sense. A small investment of time and materials gave me a sense of what I liked about the painting and what I would change. It also meant that by using the same materials (acrylic and panel) I knew exactly what I was working with color and technique.

blog view through the trees 2014 11x14The final painting evolved a little further as I worked from both the iPad and the 4×6 painting. The sky and water gained more interesting color combinations, the hills pushed back to create more distance, the leaves lightened up, the tree trunks got swoopier, and there were some nice pops of red. I really like the swoopy trunks and the reds; they will be making a return appearance in another painting for sure.

Even as I write this blog post I am discovering more. It is interesting looking at this progression as it is presented together here in the same format. I am seeing the value in doing the small painting first and how it helps make sense of the information, especially when there is a lot going on as is the case on the right hand side of the view. It is very interesting looking at these three images together.


Photography and art by Debra Hunter.

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The start of ANOTHER painting. – (slideshow)

I thought it was time I got back to why I really blog. For those looking for the education related posts you can find them here and here.

My posting was static over this last week only because hundreds and hundreds of people were reading about the education crisis in Alberta and I felt for the sake of ease it made sense to leave that post at the top of the page.

While blogging seemed a bit lifeless last week, truth was a lot of painting (I “think” the painting mentioned in the previous post is done), fibre art, and a bit of photo restoration was accomplished (and I cleaned the little’s bedroom too!). So brace yourselves, this week might be all about “works in progress” (better known as W.I.P.’s!).

This is another piece from the nature sanctuary series I am working on. It’s a pretty comfortable and enjoyable theme to be working on. This piece is definitely more ambitious than the last, especially dealing with the perspective of the leaves on the forest’s floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For some reason I started shooting this new painting as I worked. I really have no idea why. Maybe it is because I am back to painting large,  this canvas is 4 feet by 3 feet, and I can’t actually stand back very far to view it without removing it from the wall easel and taking the canvas to another room. No matter the reason, it is certainly interesting to watch the progression. Please remember this painting is FAR from finished and the day-glo kindergarten green is soon to disappear. Enjoy the work in progress…there is more to come….soon.

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Ladyslipper – Another W.I.P.

work in progress - ladyslipperIt appears that some how February became the month to put my mind to finishing unfinished pieces. So far a painting and a bracelet have been finished, plus a second painting completed, and a large amount of hours spent stitching the grain elevator piece. Here’s another one….the ladyslipper painting.

Last time I touched this painting was in July of 2013.

This seems to happen a bit. Start a painting with great enthusiasm. Real life happens. Push painting aside. Painting sits and sits.

Last night I decided to dust off the dust (literally….you really don`t need a description of that! LOL!) and put a few hours into the painting.

WIP - ladyslipperThis is another image based on the sanctuary behind Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. An area I am toying with using as a theme. I talk about that a little in a post I just put up on my other blog.

This painting is acrylic on canvas, but the canvas is quite small measuring in at 10 inches by 10 inches. Still more work to do, but it is getting there.

 Deep Snow in the Sanctuary 2014 (Kerry Wood Nature Centre)I also did finish the painting I shared a few days ago and the story and details can be found by clicking here.

Back to the easel or stitching or dyeing or knitting to see what else can be finished!