The start of ANOTHER painting. – (slideshow)

I thought it was time I got back to why I really blog. For those looking for the education related posts you can find them here and here.

My posting was static over this last week only because hundreds and hundreds of people were reading about the education crisis in Alberta and I felt for the sake of ease it made sense to leave that post at the top of the page.

While blogging seemed a bit lifeless last week, truth was a lot of painting (I “think” the painting mentioned in the previous post is done), fibre art, and a bit of photo restoration was accomplished (and I cleaned the little’s bedroom too!). So brace yourselves, this week might be all about “works in progress” (better known as W.I.P.’s!).

This is another piece from the nature sanctuary series I am working on. It’s a pretty comfortable and enjoyable theme to be working on. This piece is definitely more ambitious than the last, especially dealing with the perspective of the leaves on the forest’s floor.

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For some reason I started shooting this new painting as I worked. I really have no idea why. Maybe it is because I am back to painting large,  this canvas is 4 feet by 3 feet, and I can’t actually stand back very far to view it without removing it from the wall easel and taking the canvas to another room. No matter the reason, it is certainly interesting to watch the progression. Please remember this painting is FAR from finished and the day-glo kindergarten green is soon to disappear. Enjoy the work in progress…there is more to come….soon.

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New painting almost there……

On Sunday I shared a post showing a new painting on the easel. Yesterday I decided to escape from “real world events” and spent several hours painting away at the easel with the music turned loud and a steady flow of cups of tea.

On Sunday the 16 inch by 20 inch painting looked like this.

beginning of a new paintingIt was pretty quick to rough in as I have been snowshoeing past this spot all winter.

By the end of yesterday it was looking like this:

work in progress - kerry woodAlmost there.

Just a little more detailing in the trees and I think we are good.

wall easelI also wanted to share a shot including the easel. This is a wall mounted easel that I ordered in from Blick in the States a few years ago and I love it. The easel means I can always have work up without fear of a husband or one of the five kids knocking it over. If you have either space constraints or a really busy home (or both in our case!) it is an awesome piece of equipment to make painting easy. So far the largest canvas I have painted on it is a 3 foot by 5 foot, but I think it will take a little larger.

I also love how the center column is magnetic as it is great for reference images and a safe place to hold your lottery tickets.

It’s been one of those weeks. One of those weeks when you say “Let’s buy a lotto ticket, win,  and escape this mess!”.

On the topic of lotto tickets, last night my husband and I were discussing how large a section of land is. Followed by looking on MLS. We figured that might be just about large enough to escape the hassles of real life……if we put the house right in the middle of the section of land. My children weighed in their opinion…….“Can we have a moat?!”. Seems like they are “done” too.

Off to paint more. I’ll share the finished results soon at and on my website .