17,800 views of my Mulcair/Trudeau Letter Today Alone

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I guess it pays to care.

I guess it pays to be vocal.

Today my concerns were heard by 16,609 people who care about Canada. Today my letter to Trudeau and Mulcair was read 17,800 times. The policies of Trudeau and Mulcair may make me feel worthless, but the tens of thousands of people who have taken the time to read my letter has made me feel that I am of some worth.

I thank you all for reading and sharing my letter.

The link to the letter can be found by clicking HERE .

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Canoes – Magic lake, Pender Island, BC, Canada

We are recently back from a trip to Pender Island. It was a wonderful break to escape the frigid  -30C temperatures of Alberta and walk around in spring-like weather on grass, not snow. The warm weather was definitely inspiring and it showed in how many images I shot. At last count I shot over 2200 images in the seven days we were on the island. For the next little while I will be sharing quite a few island images.

canoes magic lake

Today’s images are of the canoes at Magic Lake. The colors of the canoes and natural composition caught my eye. It is interesting how a normal object can be so visually interesting.

canoe detail


Sunset, Thieves Bay, Pender Island

I was planning to keep with the Christmas theme today with the blog. I had already posted about cookies and a Christmas craft, and tonight I was hoping to go out, shoot some Christmas lights and then share the pictures. I was just getting set to bundle up the kids and go out when I decided to check the Environment Canada website for the temperature outside; turned out it was -27 degrees celcius with the wind chill. So I decided to change my plan and share some lovely warm looking sunsets to help everyone forget about how cold it is outside. Here are a few sunsets taken from Pender Island, BC last month.

Thieves Bay, Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset