Into the Snow Shed

Spring isn’t quite here for good……they are called snow sheds for a reason!

A snowy afternoon headed into the Great Bear Snow Shed on the Coquihalla Highway ( British Columbia , Canada ).

Winter Close Ups In Black and White

Winter looks a little bit different up close and in black and white. The above images are from an afternoon of snowshoeing.

(Please click on the above images to view full size.)

Photography by Debra Hunter


Prairie Church

Prairie Church

ThisĀ  church we pass every time we go to the cabin and return home. Years of passing it, yet it was only last week that we finally stopped to capture this image with a camera.

This image was taken with the Olympus 15mm f8 lens cap pancake lens. It is certainly different shooting with a lens with really no focus and no choice of aperture. The lens is a bit of a novelty, but has been getting a lot of use as I decide if I should completely ditch my incredibly unreliable Olympus system. After all one would expect a lens (the lens I usually use, not the 15mm one that took the picture) to last more than 16 months the first time and 13 months the second time (each lens was purchased NEW!). The system may be small and convenient, but has definitely not been nearly as reliable as my Canon system.

What happens on a Friday night….

 lino cutCutting.

blog lino cut 2The lino block is almost done.

This one is 12 inches by 12 inches. I expect there to be challenges as I print it on the naturally dyed fabric.

yarnTying and weighing.

 yarn Scouring and mordanting.

The stash is getting low. Many weeks of non-stop knitting and developing new items.

Lots of dyeing in the future and perhaps an indigo vat next week if it warms up.