Black and Blue – a work-in-progress post

It’s been a while since I did a work in progress post so I thought I would share a play-by-play on an ink drawing/painting (you decide) from the other evening. I thought another “feel good” post was in order.

blog black and blue 1We start with the basic setup as captured on my iPhone. Ink, palette, heavy watercolor paper taped to a piece of panel, brush, water and the obligatory cup of tea. The iPad mini holds my all-in-one stash of images for art inspiration, plus Tune In Radio so I can listen to BBC 4 (I’ve mostly given up on CBC).

blog black and blue 2I start with very light blue ink to block in the distant horizon and the rocks in the foreground. This gives me a starting place.

blog black and blue 3Then come the trees. I resist getting caught up in the details and instead put down the basic shape.

blog black and blue 4I start to add some depth with a medium blue ink. It’s an interesting process working at this stage where the image is in monochrome, but it isn’t black and white.

blog black and blue 5From a medium blue to a full intensity blue the drawing/painting starts to come to life. It is a bit too Delft for my liking so I decide to work into the piece with some black.

blog bridges road in black and blue 2015 5x7 borderThe final image completed ( and photographed in the studio rather than with my phone). I think the blue and black work well together.

More details about this piece can be found on my other blog by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in seeing the location that inspired this piece, it can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Artwork by Debra Hunter








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Photography on the Beach

I haven’t shared any portrait photography on this blog as of late, so I thought it would be nice to post a gallery of some outdoor portraits from the beaches of British Columbia. You can’t beat rocks and driftwood as a background. Such a beautiful location for shooting.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics
Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, British Columbia

Website at:


Sunset, Thieves Bay, Pender Island

I was planning to keep with the Christmas theme today with the blog. I had already posted about cookies and a Christmas craft, and tonight I was hoping to go out, shoot some Christmas lights and then share the pictures. I was just getting set to bundle up the kids and go out when I decided to check the Environment Canada website for the temperature outside; turned out it was -27 degrees celcius with the wind chill. So I decided to change my plan and share some lovely warm looking sunsets to help everyone forget about how cold it is outside. Here are a few sunsets taken from Pender Island, BC last month.

Thieves Bay, Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset Pender Island Thieves Bay Sunset