Handmade Works in Progress – Handmade in Canada

A “work in progress” post from my other site.

Handmade in Canada

handmade in canada knitsCoffee Press Sweaters and Margarita Mats are two of the items currently being made by hand by www.debra-hunter.com. Made of hand-dyed yarns, dyed in natural dyes, each item is completely made by hand. These make great Canadian gifts and are of course handmade in Canada.

To view more items from Canadian makers check out www.handmade-canada.com .

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Blogging and a few pics for now….

Just a few thoughts on my current state of blogging as written on my “Island Home” blog.

island home

blog bw_9124It’s been weeks and weeks since I have posted on this blog. I seem to be questioning at the moment just “what” to do with my blogs and the direction they should take. Perhaps this is a common situation. Perhaps it is summer luring me away from the computer. Perhaps it is discovering the immediacy of Instagram. Perhaps I feel I am just saying the same thing over and over.

blog bw_9132Most of my blogs have faced some challenges recently.

“H the Blog” has been luring request after request to use the images for free. I’m sick of managing the requests. It has made me hesitant to post any more quality images. Which leads you to wonder “Why blog?”. The best thing about blogging was sharing, but if you are reluctant to share images, the point in blogging seems to be lost. I guess I can continue to show “works in…

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Earth Hour and Handmade – www.handmade-canada.com

Handmade in Canada

Spinning during Earth Hour Spinning during Earth Hour

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Hour. The lights may have been turned off but that didn’t stop us from working on creative projects.

I spent the hour spinning recycled yarn scraps on the Turkish spindle. It seemed to make sense to work on a handmade project involving recycling while observing Earth Hour.

handmade in canada badge

Thank you for visiting “Handmade in Canada”. Our site is in its infancy, however we invite you to take a look at what we feel will become an amazing project and an amazing community of Canadian makers.

Welcome to“Handmade in Canada”, a community of independent makers and growers providing a great range of items made right here in Canada.

Our site allows our visitors to discover a whole range of Canadian produced products on one site. This makes buying Canadian, buying local, and supporting local economies easy and convenient.

On this site…

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“Roe Islet Arbutus #2” – Canadian Landscape Painting

Today I have a reblog from one of my other blogs, http://www.debrahunter.wordpress.com .
I have been tied up working on the Debra Hunter blog as I slowly convert it over to a website as well as a blog. The “art” section has shaped up nicely. Currently in the background I am working on the “photography” section (quite a lot of work), and then I will have “handmade” to complete. The website conversion is taking up a lot of my blogging time!

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

Roe Islet Arbutus #2 (2014) 11x14 Roe Islet Arbutus #2 (2014) 11×14

“Roe Islet Arbutus #2” is one of those paintings that came together effortlessly. Before the first paint hit the panel I knew exactly how I wanted to approach the arbutus with twists of red and moving lines.

This is one of my favorite paintings completed recently. It is part of the Roe Islet series I have been working on. Roe Islet is a protected area off North Pender Island (British Columbia, Canada). Roe Islet features arbutus and evergreen trees, rocks and amazing sea views.

Roe Islet Arbutus #2
acrylic on panel

Art by Debra Hunter

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Wedding Photography Packages – Red Deer, Alberta

I am re-blogging my wedding information from http://www.debrahunter.wordpress.com to make it easier for wedding couples to find the information at this time of year which is so busy with wedding inquiries.

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

As January is the month for wedding photography inquiries, I thought I would share the packages and pricing for wedding photography on the blog to make the information readily available.

bride with colored flowers

The Concept

The wedding is one of the bride’s and groom’s most important days of their life. We believe the photography should reflect the couple’s relationship. We believe that their wedding day photography should be carried out in an enjoyable, stress free environment and be carried out in a time efficient manner. For these reasons we have chosen to focus on a wedding coverage that is for the bride and groom only.

Our goal is to provide beautiful photography for the wedding couple. We can tailor the style of photography to be anything from classical portraiture to a journalistic look, but at the end of the day the couple will have a lovely selection of fine art wedding photographs. Our goal is…

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Creating in Crochet

Sharing one of the handmade items from this past week.

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

The last week has been spent creating a few new handmade items for the home. Having a handcrafted item that is also functional is a way to add a little luxury into everyday life.

Here is a sneak peek of one of the new items. This “Soap Wrap” is made of un-dyed USA grown cotton and is hand crocheted. It is a great companion for artisanal handmade soaps, and a nice way to add an artistic touch to your bathroom.

I’ll be sharing more “Soap Wraps” here in the near future.



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Another Batch of Coffee Sweaters Ready – handmade gift items available at Sunworks (Red Deer, Alberta)

Here is a quick reblog from my other site http://www.debrahunter.wordpress.com . The latest batch of Coffee Sweaters are now available at Sunworks in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. It is time to get knitting again, other than a few ornaments, everything has sold. My new year will be filled with dyeing, knitting, plus a list of new prototypes to play with!
If you are in town, check out the Coffee sweaters and Sunworks….it is a pretty cool shop.

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

(Please click on the images to view full size.)

Another set of Coffee Sweaters were dropped off to Sunworks yesterday afternoon. The last batch sold FAST. I am starting to see my knit items pop up in use around town which is pretty fun.

This new group sports some brighter colors and bolder patterns. They are all hand knit and naturally hand dyed of Canadian produced wool that is milled right here in Alberta.

Sunworks is located on Ross Street in Red Deer, Alberta. It is a great place to look for niche items that make for special gifts.

Knit items by Debra Hunter
Red Deer Alberta & Pender Island, BC, Canada


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1 Day 1 World Project: 11:00pm – 12:00pm – Into the Studio

Joining in with Northwest Frame of Mind’s  1 Day 1 World Project I thought I would share what I was up to this evening. This evening, shortly after 11:00 pm I popped down to the studio to shoot a painting I completed yesterday.

studioI must confess I am a night owl. When most people are already tucked nicely into bed I’m just gearing up for the evening. I have been known to say to my husband around 2:00 am “What would you like to do for the rest of the evening?”…..followed by him rolling his eyes and saying “It’s 2:00 am!”.

The joke in our home is that the only way I see a sunrise is if I haven’t gone to bed yet………okay it is true.

I like the night.

I like the quiet.

(By the way if you would like to see the painting feel free to click HERE.)


Art and photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta

blog H

“Grain Elevator and Tansy” (2014)

One of the W.I.P.’s finally finished. I think the roughness of the cotton works well with this prairie piece. I am quite happy with how the piece works with the subject matter. It is quite nice to work with Alberta imagery.

Debra Hunter - Canadian photography, art and handmade

"Grain Elevator and Tansy" (2014) 14.75 inches by 15.25 inches “Grain Elevator and Tansy”
14.75 inches by 15.25 inches

“Grain Elevator and Tansy” is my most recent fibre art piece to complete.

Grain elevators are a classic Alberta scene, however many are disappearing as they age and cities and towns expand. It was nice to acknowledge these giants of the prairies using age old stitching, dyeing and beading methods.

This piece consists of hand dyed cotton, dyed in natural hand crafted dyes of marigold, cutch and madder. The piece is then detailed with hand stitching and hand beading. The stitching threads of cotton, wool and silk are also colored with natural dyes. If you look closely there are some pale yellow threads in the stitching dyed from tansy collected from ditches in Alberta and then turned into dye. Truly a home grown piece.

Photography and art by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta


blog H

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