“L_i_h_on T_b_y” – _e_g_t_n_e_a_@_m_i_.com – why does my open letter threaten you so ?


This link will give you some insight to the inspiration for this post: https://htheblog.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/comments-harassment-spamming-by-the-liberals-and-oppression-is-a-female-voter-allowed-an-opinion/

Update: L.T. went to the Saskatoon Police Department regarding this issue. He attacked me through an unsolicited email, and posted libelous statements about me on his blog  calling me “blatantly dishonest”. I requested that the Saskatoon police officer contact an R.C.M.P. member in our city of Red Deer so that I could talk to them to know every thing is legitimate, after all how do I know if it isn’t just L.T. having a friend be the heavy. The police officer was put out, then too busy, then said she would call back. She had no problem with him making a personal attack. She had no problem with the libel. She had no time for me. Interesting.

(This is a response to an email I received this evening.)

L. T., why does my letter to Trudeau and Mulcair threaten you so.

Why did you feel the need to track me down and send me an angry letter?

I am one person with an opinion.

Are you worried that the almost 57,000 people who have read my letter may stop and think before they vote?

L. T. it is fine for me to have my views, and it is fine for you to have yours. I suspect you are simply jealous that an average Canadian would reach out with their feelings about an election policy.

So L. T., I am about to give you a wonderful opportunity, for anyone interested in Leighton Tebay’s opinion please email them at ____________________ ( email removed but clearly people have been writing you or you wouldn’t have gone to the police like a big whinging baby!) .

(The real question is, is L. T. real, or just a coward hiding behind a gmail account? Time will tell. Enjoy your emails!)

Also, for everyone’s amusement, L.’s email went in my JUNK email folder. Any bets this is a troll for the NDP or Liberals? Hmmmmmm……..why would it go in the junk folder I wonder? Wonder, wonder, wonder……………….

(Same person? Who knows. Just another Google search. However it does fit the NDP or Liberal troll theory. Are they really so threatened as to attack a simple stay at home mom?) )

(graphic removed)*****

By the way….this graphic above stays….this is a public Google search…..no “privacy” issue here. First page of my Google search when I searched the email I received. Perhaps next I will have a police officer telling me  women are no longer allowed to use the internet.

**** Update: As of this morning, October 1st, 2015 L. T. has again sent me a harassing email. Evidently women are not allowed to have opinions on how they feel. We are to be oppressed. We are to be bullied. L. T. and all he stands for is oppression of women and bullying through emails. I encourage anyone else being bullied due to this election to stand strong, and consider actions like these when they vote.

***** Update: October 5, 2015 : I removed the graphic, on my own free will and decision,  of the subject of this post that appeared on the first page of my google search. I decided my blog’s quality was just being drug into the dirt by including images of this “man”. Undoubtedly everyone in this person’s circle knows what he is like, and the rest of Canada simply won’t care about a blowhard from Saskatoon. The blog post stays as it is part of the experience and story, and also part of the expanding story of free expression of opinion, cyber-bullying and harassment, and the equality of women. This situation has brought more than just political policy to light, it has shown a disturbing and oppressive side of Canadian society. The discussion has been opened and I hope more women will out those who try to bully or oppress them.






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