Painting, Knitting, Busy, Busy

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Just a quick post today to get the blog back on track.

The last little while has been incredibly busy with knit items being made, packaged and delivered to galleries an boutiques. Tonight is another super busy one. A great opportunity for both art and handmades popped up out on the coast, so this evening is filled with painting and knitting.

Photo 2015-11-19 9 09 28 PMThe paintings are near miniature in size while the knitting is a broad range of the items I create for Handmade in Canada. One painting left to create this evening and finger puppets to knit and I will be in good shape. The finger puppets are purely adorable; Finger Fairies and Finger Gnomes just perfect for a Christmas stocking.

blog finger puppets

Art and handmades by Debra Hunter






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Handmade in Canada – The Collections –

Handmade in Canada

Seeing as my blog is 15,000 to 35,000 views a day at the moment I’ve decided to have an opportunistic moment, after all there is a little capitalist in me at times! It seems like a complete waste to let all this traffic go by and not introduce my new project. After all now all the left-leaning hate-mailers who have said “get to work woman” can now put their money where their mouth is, buy my products, make me work, and allow me to pay tax to the government to support their desired social programs (yes that was a dig!).

The project is Handmade in Canada.  The site’s focus is on hand made items and eventually art will also be added to the site. The current items are all hand knits made of 100% Canadian produced wool milled in heritage style mills in Alberta and P.E.I.. I hand dye my wool in micro batches in natural dyes including marigold from my garden, tansy that grows by rural roads, and arbutus bark from trees of the west coast.

Items listed for sale include tax and shipping within Canada; I like to keep things simple. I also deal with small scale wholesale such as boutiques, museums, coffee shops and gift shops; please email me if you have wholesale inquiries.

Below are the collections. Check back on the site often as I have many items that are just about to be listed on the site.

o canada collection 4x6_0974

The O’Canada Collection

beach house collection 4x6_0939The Beach House Collection

salish collection 4x6_0912

The Salish Collection

woods collection 4x6_0965

The Woods Collection

cottage garden collection 4x6_0986

The Cottage Garden Collection

wearable collection 4x6_1438

The Wearable Collection

Feel free to email me through the site regarding sizes, dimensions and any other details, as I draft the patterns by hand, customization is also available.

The O’ Canada Collection Is Now Available

As some of you may know, I have a new site up called Handmade in Canada. It is a site of handmade and art pieces, influenced and inspired by Canada, and often made with natural, eco-friendly and Canadian sourced materials.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding shops and galleries to our various collections on Handmade in Canada. Today we launched the O’ Canada Collection.

Our O’Canada Collection celebrates the colors of our flag. The iconic red and white, are accompanied by grays, dark browns and blacks. This is classic Canadian. Our collection will remind you of ….well……everything Canadian (and maybe old school work socks too!).

The O’ Canada Collection is made of natural sheep wool, produced here in Canada and milled in a heritage mill. We believe in using natural products and using Canadian produced raw materials when possible. The yarn for this collection is hand dyed in natural dyes in micro batches with the red color being obtained through dyeing with lac. All items are hand knit and are one of a kind. Each item posted is available for purchase and ready to be shipped. Items can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Items start at $15.00 including tax and shipping within Canada. The pieces make great gifts for friends and family  as they are Canadian made, unbreakable, and ship well.

I hope you will pop over to the new site and check it out. More collections are to come. Also if you have any special requests send us an email, we are always up for creating something new.

For more information please feel free to email us at .

by Debra Hunter

Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada

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Handmade in Canada…things are looking good… a link to some great music

LMYR 1I may have mentioned my new project in passing on this blog before. The project is called Handmade in Canada. The concept is to profile Canadian artists, artisans, musicians, writers and growers (and food producers).

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Being an artist and maker myself (and knowing many other creative people), the most difficult part of our craft is promoting what we create, showing people what we do, and letting people know where and how to purchase our creations. Most of us want to be tucked away in our studios working away rather than marketing ourselves. After a lot of thought I made the decision to create a site to do just that, and the site/blog is . In the last few weeks interest has been growing. We are seeing some great things made by Canadian makers and hearing some great music. We are also meeting some really cool people. This is turning out to be a fabulous project with great potential.

handmade in canada badge

As I have a ton of readers on this blog, I will also on occasion be linking through profiles from the Handmade in Canada site. It won’t turn the blog into an on going infomercial, I wouldn’t want to rob readers of updates on my seedlings or the ongoing war with the insurance industry (near the end now…report for scope of repairs was 14 PAGES long….I’ll share more in another post). I want to give each of these creative people as much exposure as possible ( and show all the readers some pretty cool stuff too!).

blog _3193

If you follow I will also be sharing west coast creators on that blog, especially since home studios are so much of the island culture.


Today I am going to share a link for Liam MacKenzie and Young Rust. Check out their bio by clicking HERE, and definitely listen to their music……it is really, really good.

Hopefully by sharing links, blog readers will find some new music that they love, a book they want to read, some art to admire,  handmade items to cherish, or even locally produced food.

The site is also a WordPress blog, so feel free to follow along and discover some talent that has been home grown here in Canada.


Katherine Weisse – Alberta Author

An Albertan author has recently joined my other site . I thought I would share her post here as I am sure many people are interested in local authors and independently produced books.

Handmade in Canada

katherine weisse_writer_book

Katherine Weisse is a Canadian author who embraces her life experiences and uses them as inspiration for her writing.

Katherine’s book, “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” is a whimsical collection of stories about the author and the many animals in her life as she revisits her journey through time. It is a story of the life of an ordinary person, and is filled with excitement, adventure, love, and times of sadness.

Katherine has lived and worked in Canadian cities coast to coast, and now calls Red Deer, Alberta home.

To purchase “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” by Katherine Weisse, please contact the author by email at .

katherine weisse_writer_illustration

Handmade in Canada
A site profiling Canadian artists, artisans, growers, writers and musicians. Support Canadian. Buy local.

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My New Project – Handmade in Canada

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Over the last few months I have been sharing art, photography and knitting , but one thing I have yet to share is the new project I have been working on in the background. The project is a website called Handmade in Canada. It is a website designed to profile Canadian artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers. After months of work, the site went live this evening on the internet. Now I get to grow and nurture the concept, and I think it is a pretty exciting project.

blog knit items_9716 a

The whole project came about through my hand knit items. Prior to the knitting and art portion of my creative endeavors, my main business was photography. Photography was easy to market; yellow pages ads, websites and local advertising all worked for promoting photography. Knitting and art were a whole different ball game. They weren’t the type of services and products  that a customer would look for in the “yellow pages”. Markets were a possibility but the season is short and the weather often not predictable. Approaching individual local shops I enjoy (and will continue to do so), but I felt as a person working in a handmade industry I wanted to also reach further.

leaf red black smallFor months I mulled over the scenario of the handmade industry. I also talked to people (and listened) and realized the scenario was the same for almost all artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers. We were all the same industry with the same challenges. We all had great products that we need to promote. We all have websites floating out there in an internet of millions or billions of websites. We also needed to get Canadians buying Canadian products.

I started to think about the situation more and more and realized if we could present ourselves as a collective, on one site, we would have more presence. Also by presenting ourselves together we would create cross-over business; a person buying a book, may also buy a handmade art card and purchase some home-grown honey. A site with everything together would make buying handmade and Canadian easy.

With all this in mind I created the site Handmade in Canada.

handmade in canada badgeI invite everyone to take a look at the site, and pass it on to any artists, artisans, craftspeople, writers, musicians, growers and edible producers you know.

I want to make this site a great success, and in turn help handmakers across Canada promote themselves and sell to broader markets. I know this could be fantastic for us all.

(Please remember the site is in its infancy!)

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