The Start of Gardening Season

Last night was the start of gardening season. It may be -22C with windchill outside, and snow deep on the ground, but it is time to get ready for the spring and summer growing season.

This year we are starting quite a range inside, even vegetables you traditionally directly seed into the garden, in an attempt to get some vegetables early.

The list of what we planted is as follows: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, cilantro, basil, spinach, chard and kale. We also planted seeds for marigolds and calendula. Little bits of a large range of vegetables to hopefully get a head start on our 2017 garden.


National Flag of Canada Day

Happy National Flag of Canada Day! Our flag is 52 years old with the first flag being raised on February 15th , 1965. A pretty cool flag for a pretty cool country! #canadianflag Canada Flag #1 5″x7″ ink on paper 2017 by Debra Hunter . . . Ads belong to WordPress

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