Ski Afternoon

blog-ski-sunset This afternoon our weather finally improved. When I say “improved”, I mean it was -15C with windchill rather than -30C (with windchill), and the sun was out. The weather seemed nice enough to go for an afternoon ski.


We’ve had snow and wind over the past several days causing the set ski tracks to practically disappear. On occasion you could see roughly the direction they traveled, but for the most part it was breaking a brand new trail.


The first 5 minutes of skiing brought lovely weather, and then the wind whipped up, and with it came the blowing snow.


The few pictures I took were on my phone, and they were fast pictures as my fingers, outside of my mitts, were freezing fast.


Even in the cold there was a lot to look at. The Waskasoo Creek, frozen and covered with snow, was quite picturesque.


There were also a lot of interesting tracks in the snow……..


…..not just the ones I made.


(Skiing “selfie” before I had to put on my hat.)


*** Skiing area at Barrett Park, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.







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