A Year of Living Breadfully – #3 – naan


We have been going through a spell of very cold weather with windchills of -30C and colder (yes, I do believe in “windchill”!). One thing very cold days are good for is baking. Yesterday I continued my “Year of Living Breadfully” with naan.

Naan was completely new to me. I picked a recipe off the internet, one in which I had all the ingredients. I have decided to not link this recipe as the measurements of liquid to flour were clearly off (as in, it did not create a workable dough, it was really, really crumbly). Luckily from having made bread in the past I was able to tweak the recipe at the end balancing out the final dough adding more liquid and a little more flour. I guess the 2/5 rating the recipe had was valid…explains why you couldn’t view the comments too. Sometimes, I guess, the ratings are correct.


Once the dough was usable, it was left to rise for an hour. Upon rising, the dough was then flattened down, divided into golf ball sized balls, and left to rise for a second time.


The dough was then rolled out into very thin circles. Using a pastry marble worked perfectly for this, releasing the dough with no issues at all.


The thin circles of dough were then put in an oiled frying pan and cooked until they started to bubbled and brown. Once browned , they were then flipped to cook on the other side, plus given a light brush of butter on top. I found a mid range heat worked best for this. After each naan was completed I put it in the oven on the warming setting to keep the bread warm for dinner.


Even with the recipe snag, this bread turned out to be very, very good. It tasted much like naan we have had from Indian restaurants in England. We paired it with a yam, lentil, chick pea curry that was beyond delicious.

Now I need to contemplate what my next bread will be. Perhaps it is time to bake something sweet. I’ll have to hit the cookbooks and the internet and look for recipes.

Photography by Debra Hunter






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