Rockies Afternoon 

Seems like we are always on the move and almost always headed west. The scenery from the road as we drive through Banff National Park never disappoints. Even on a cloudy October afternoon the mountains are stunning.

And of course every road trip includes a little knitting for .




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6 thoughts on “Rockies Afternoon 

  1. I know Castle mountain so well! I worked at Baker Creek on the old IA highway and in Canmore in University. I can recognize most of the mountains on that drive, it miss it all the time! Beautiful pictures Deb!

    • Pleased you like the pictures! We drive past here so often but the beauty always amazes us. I always worry my instagram feed has too many shots of Castle Mountain as I always need to take “one more” picture of the beautiful scene.

      • 🙂 I completely understand… I am glad to see them it makes me nostalgic, keep it up!

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