Coffee Sweaters and Landscapes on Handmade in Canada

Today’s image is a Coffee Sweater from our Woods Collection and an image of McKenzie Ponds in Red Deer, Alberta. I’ve decided I am going to try something new with my blogging and other social media with Handmade in Canada, I’ve decided to combine images of Canada with the items. Many of the items I […]

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Painting Two Days In A Row

blog Bax april 11 2016It doesn’t happen often, but I have managed to get out painting two days in a row. Quick, en plein air sessions, but painting none the less. Today my youngest was my company. He ate his lunch on location while I snuck in a quick 30 minute paint before doing the school run.

i Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary April 11 2016_4670 aA quick paint again at Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary. Painting close to home makes it easy. It also allows me to revisit scenes and see how I approach it differently.







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The Handmade in Canada Shop Has Been Updated!

I know my blogging has been a little quiet lately, and one of the reasons is I have been working away. In addition to a busy photography month, I have also been updating my other project, Handmade in Canada. Let’s just say when you dye your own yarn and knit your own items it takes time.

So after weeks and weeks of knitting, the shop has finally been updated. There are a ton of new items and we are pretty excited about sharing them with you. All our items are naturally dyed by hand and made by hand too. If you have a moment check it out.

shop image web


Also at the bottom of the Handmade in Canada site are our social media links. We can be found on Facebook and Instagram (@handmadeincanada), plus you can hit the follow button to follow the blog. I hope you will follow along and see all the cool items we are making.

leaf red 3x3 square 100dpi stylized