Projects On The Go (a W.I.P. post)

I thought today would be a good time to put up a “Works in Progress” post. 2016 seems to have given me a lot of opportunity (or possibly inspiration) to work on creative pursuits. So here it is, in a visual presentation, the current works in progress.

blog Photo 2016-01-31 10 48 42 PM

blog Photo 2016-01-30 10 11 59 PM

Carving, wood burning and painted accents. This piece when completed will be a ring dish.

blog Photo 2016-01-26 9 31 00 PMblog Photo 2016-02-02 10 30 55 PM

Adding more Canadiana into the knit line at . These pieces are not on line yet but will be coming soon.

blog Photo 2016-01-19 1 28 52 PM

Natural dyeing of wool…..a lot of natural dyeing.

blog Photo 2016-01-31 7 06 52 PM

blog Photo 2016-01-28 10 11 50 PM

Carving spoons the perfect size for the sugar bowl. Large spoons are next on the list thanks to a brand new gouge.

blog Photo 2016-02-06 3 47 18 PM

blog Photo 2016-01-30 8 32 43 PM

Lots of “road knitting” while working on larger pieces. This will be a Cowichan inspired pillow cover.

blog Photo 2016-02-05 10 37 52 PM

blog Photo 2016-02-08 3 48 01 PM

Still working on the Roe Islet series of paintings both on panel and paper. The large squares measure 2 ft. by 2 ft., while the paper works are larger.

blog Photo 2016-02-04 1 00 14 PM

Handmade toggles with wood burned embellishments will be decorating new knit items in the near future.


A lot of items being worked on at the moment. Most of these images are from my Instagram accounts, it is where I post my most up to date works in progress. The accounts are @handmadeincanada and @debramhunter ; feel free to follow if you like to see quick visual posts.

What is up next? More natural dyeing, more toggles, knit cuffs, more spoons and finishing a painting in progress. Hopefully soon a few of these new pieces will be available on .






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9 thoughts on “Projects On The Go (a W.I.P. post)

    • I find spoon carving fairly easy. It is definitely easier with green wood. One thing I will say is when you buy your tools pick up a chain mail glove at the same time, in my opinion it is so important. I started carving without one, slipped one day and stuck a chisel in my hand (blood everywhere , bad scar). Now I don’t pick up a carving tool without having the glove on. I am going to start working on larger spoons shortly and I think that will be quite enjoyable. Maybe I’ll have to post an “in progress” of one of the spoons I do.

    • It’s funny, every day I say to my husband that I didn’t really get much done . However when I put everything up together I realize there is a lot being worked on. It is great to be able to share the work with others, it also makes you “raise the bar” as you want the work to look great online. It is great to have people following along, it makes you want to show them the best you can do.

      • If you like history, I just finished watching The Seven Ages of Britain which was quite good. I also enjoy documentaries featuring Lucy Worsley; she is very personable considering she deals with history.

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