Winter in the Park (and back to proper blogging)

I thought it was time to get back to proper blogging. Blogging that is just for enjoyment. Looking back the loss of the cabin derailed blogging for over a year. In all honesty the concept of photography as fun had also disappeared, all wrapped up in one horrible experience (or three if you count the two written off vehicles as well).

For the last couple of weeks I have felt it was time to turn things around. It was time to again shoot some landscapes and nature. It started out as reference images for painting, and then I realized shooting for shooting’s sake was starting to be fun again. So two weeks and hundreds of images later perhaps I am back on track.

Below is a teeny selection of a walk through the park by our home, literally 5 very cold minutes of shooting. And I am back to my first love, black and white, which again feels a positive move. Hopefully this is the step forward to a more positive blog. I hope you enjoy the black and whites.






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6 thoughts on “Winter in the Park (and back to proper blogging)

  1. I’m in Vancouver right now but moving to Red Deer in January for a new job. I left all my winter gear back in Toronto when I moved to Vancouver in September. I didn’t even bring a winter jacket I thought I wouldn’t need it this year … then I got the job in Red Deer, lol OOPS!

    Looks beautiful the pictures. I’ve been browsing the internet for anything Red Deer related and surprisingly there isn’t all that much … so thanks for posting! =D

    • Hi Scott, thank you for visiting the blog. I think the best thing I can say about Red Deer is they have a great path system if you are into walking or biking, and there are many nice green/natural spaces. Luckily we are having a mild winter, but you will definitely miss Vancouver’s climate. We have a place in the Gulf Islands (I have another blog on that too) and drive through Vancouver every 3-6 weeks and you just can’t beat the coast’s weather in winter (February kayaking!). Have a safe drive over the mountain passes and I hope you enjoy your move to our city.


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