West Country Wonder

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Tay River, Alberta, Canada

My husband and I have been on a bit of a quest lately, and it has taken us to some spots of extreme beauty. Sunday’s adventure took us to the west country of Alberta. Away from the urban areas, tourists, and crowds there is a whole different Alberta of unspoiled natural beauty. If you are willing to venture down gravel roads and out of cell phone range you will see even more wonders.

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The roads might not be fast, but you wouldn’t want them to be. This is a place to drive slow and take in the sparkling fall leaves, mountains in the distance, and the odd river and wetland.

blog west country_9407 a

The highlight for the family were the wild horses. A treat to see, but they were gone in a flash with no chance for a picture.

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Eventually we ran out of light making it time to return home, but it has left us plotting our next journey into the lesser visited areas of the mountains of Alberta.


Photography by Debra Hunter







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