Blogging and a few pics for now….

Just a few thoughts on my current state of blogging as written on my “Island Home” blog.

island home

blog bw_9124It’s been weeks and weeks since I have posted on this blog. I seem to be questioning at the moment just “what” to do with my blogs and the direction they should take. Perhaps this is a common situation. Perhaps it is summer luring me away from the computer. Perhaps it is discovering the immediacy of Instagram. Perhaps I feel I am just saying the same thing over and over.

blog bw_9132Most of my blogs have faced some challenges recently.

“H the Blog” has been luring request after request to use the images for free. I’m sick of managing the requests. It has made me hesitant to post any more quality images. Which leads you to wonder “Why blog?”. The best thing about blogging was sharing, but if you are reluctant to share images, the point in blogging seems to be lost. I guess I can continue to show “works in…

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