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An Albertan author has recently joined my other site http://www.handmade-canada.com . I thought I would share her post here as I am sure many people are interested in local authors and independently produced books.

Handmade in Canada

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Katherine Weisse is a Canadian author who embraces her life experiences and uses them as inspiration for her writing.

Katherine’s book, “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” is a whimsical collection of stories about the author and the many animals in her life as she revisits her journey through time. It is a story of the life of an ordinary person, and is filled with excitement, adventure, love, and times of sadness.

Katherine has lived and worked in Canadian cities coast to coast, and now calls Red Deer, Alberta home.

To purchase “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” by Katherine Weisse, please contact the author by email at strawhat@telus.net .

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