Tuesday….brought to you by the letter “P”

blog driftwood 5x7_0215

blog bridges road 5x7_0222Painting

Still experimenting with ink on paper.


blog p prototypingPrototyping

Experimenting with another “knit in the round” project with naturally dyed yarns. The yarn above has been dyed in logwood, marigold and pomegranate.


blog p proofingProofing

It has been a busy few weeks for Hunter Photographics.


blog p packagingPackaging

Updating the packaging with the new website www.debra-hunter.com .


I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps some gardening or dyeing. Maybe some work on www.handmade-canada.com .









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7 thoughts on “Tuesday….brought to you by the letter “P”

    • Thanks. I am playing with ink until life calms down and I can get back to bigger pieces. It has been quite liberating.

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