My New Project – Handmade in Canada

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Over the last few months I have been sharing art, photography and knitting , but one thing I have yet to share is the new project I have been working on in the background. The project is a website called Handmade in Canada. It is a website designed to profile Canadian artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers. After months of work, the site went live this evening on the internet. Now I get to grow and nurture the concept, and I think it is a pretty exciting project.

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The whole project came about through my hand knit items. Prior to the knitting and art portion of my creative endeavors, my main business was photography. Photography was easy to market; yellow pages ads, websites and local advertising all worked for promoting photography. Knitting and art were a whole different ball game. They weren’t the type of services and products  that a customer would look for in the “yellow pages”. Markets were a possibility but the season is short and the weather often not predictable. Approaching individual local shops I enjoy (and will continue to do so), but I felt as a person working in a handmade industry I wanted to also reach further.

leaf red black smallFor months I mulled over the scenario of the handmade industry. I also talked to people (and listened) and realized the scenario was the same for almost all artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers. We were all the same industry with the same challenges. We all had great products that we need to promote. We all have websites floating out there in an internet of millions or billions of websites. We also needed to get Canadians buying Canadian products.

I started to think about the situation more and more and realized if we could present ourselves as a collective, on one site, we would have more presence. Also by presenting ourselves together we would create cross-over business; a person buying a book, may also buy a handmade art card and purchase some home-grown honey. A site with everything together would make buying handmade and Canadian easy.

With all this in mind I created the site Handmade in Canada.

handmade in canada badgeI invite everyone to take a look at the site, and pass it on to any artists, artisans, craftspeople, writers, musicians, growers and edible producers you know.

I want to make this site a great success, and in turn help handmakers across Canada promote themselves and sell to broader markets. I know this could be fantastic for us all.

(Please remember the site is in its infancy!)

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5 thoughts on “My New Project – Handmade in Canada

    • This is a project I am excited about growing, and it makes a lot of sense when you look at the communities we frequent. We are planning on letting a lot of people know about the site throughout Farmer’s Market season. If you know any makers up in your neck of the woods let them know too!

  1. Deb, this is fantastic! Awesome idea. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out! I am off to check it out right now. I am a big fan of people working together. You can cover so much more ground and help each other achieve higher growth. Awesome!!

    • Definitely check it out, you might even be interested in a page at some point in time. I’d love to have you on it. Also pass it on to any other makers you may know. We are going to start sharing this with the makers we know out on the coast over Easter.

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