“What do we ultimately want?” – 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan Problems

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“What do we ultimately want?”

This is what the service department just asked my husband, so I am going to share my answer here:

” If I were to answer this question honestly, I think what needs to happen is to have this van shipped down east to the head plant and have them go through it to find out what is causing the defects. The thing is, the potential for this to be happening in every 2014 Grand Caravan is there. I don’t want our family killed, but I also don’t want any other family killed. Yes, we can move on to another vehicle, but in the interest of public safety the fault still needs to be found. In my opinion, and I tend to be a “big picture thinker”, Chrysler Canada needs to find the fault so that this doesn’t happen to any family.”

We are afraid if we trade the van in some other family will be killed. The van is dangerous.

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