Execution by a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan?

2014 dodge grand caravan death trap part 1 web

I may not be Charlie Hebdo, but I do understand where they are coming from and the appeal of the medium. It is amazing the original pieces that one can create in very little time. I quite like this little diversion into the world of satirical comics, and in fact I have 8 more concepts on tap based on Dodge/Chrysler alone. Creativity is a wonderful thing, and being a creative person I don’t tend to have the same social limits.

(Remember “Chrysler” when I told you the more I post the higher up my links go in search engines? Remember? Yeah  sweeties, here we go, hold on for the ride…….oh forgive me, yes we are talking Chrysler…..ahem….that would mean a working vehicle…my bad!)

What’s coming up next??????? Perhaps some performance art…in a public place….or perhaps in front of a Dodge/Chrysler dealership (on “public” land of course). I am going to take this experience and RUN with it……….FLY with it…..because they asked for it, they got it.……ummm…..crap….that was Toyota……flipping heck, if I’d bought one of those I wouldn’t HAVE a deathtrap of a vehicle.

Anyways, back with a new cartoon soon. I now have to go post this on my son’s Facebook page……did you know teenagers have a TON of followers…..who tell a TON of followers? Who’d have known. Networking, networking, networking….makes the world go round!

For fun grab a BIG cup of coffee and check out the links bellow that tell the whole story about our DODGE PROBLEMS with the 2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN. It’s a heck of a read.






(and now I will sit back and watch my stats!)



Cartoon by Debra Hunter (yep, that’s me!)








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7 thoughts on “Execution by a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan?

  1. […] hoping to have these bright and breezy green colored flowers up first thing this morning and then THIS happened. Anyways a 58 minute rubbish phone call with the Chrysler “care” (gag) rep, […]

  2. I take it you’ve had some problems with the van, and the corporation. Sadly, you’re not alone. I recently received a recall notice for the dashboard ignition key receptacle in my ’04 Chevy Impala, that has killed 30 or more people. I’ve only owned it for 11 years, they’ve known of this problem for years, I can’t be that hard to notify. 😯

    • These car companies are bad business. The way they put faulty vehicles on the market essentially makes them murderers. Here is a punchline for you…..the “top” customer care rep at Chrysler DOESN’T DRIVE A CHRYSLER……….he admitted this to us on the phone yesterday. A company has to be producing pretty rubbish vehicles when their customer care rep REFUSES to drive one of their vehicles.

      One can only imagine that Chrysler employees are perhaps banned from driving Chrysler vehicles for two reasons: 1) so they can actually make it to work without their vehicle either dying or being in the shop, or 2) so their employees don’t end up dead.

      When their own staff refuse to drive their vehicles it is pretty safe to say the vehicles are rubbish and not road worthy.

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