Friday Update – Into the Studio, Knitting and Painting

Today was a day to tidy up some things on the “to do” list. It is back to being cold outside (-20C with windchill….the wind is “not nice”), so it was easy to make the decision to stay in and get things done.

blog knit items_9716 aFirst project was to shoot a selection of the knit items completed recently. They are all hand knit of Canadian produced and milled wool that I hand dye in hand-crafted natural dyes. This image is for a project I am currently working on.

blog knitting shootJust for fun, here is a quick iPhone shot of the pieces set up in the studio. The decluttered studio I might add; I like working in bare places. I am still toying with painting the studio, but it is a huge job. Of course I AM stuck at home for the next 3 days at least as our FOUR month old van is in the shop AGAIN, for the EIGHTH time (lost power when driving today….not good), so perhaps I should see it as an opportunity to paint the studio. Then again it is too cold to open windows for ventilation for the paint smell. Decisions, decisions.

blog head shot_9640 bI also knocked off a quick self portrait head shot to update in my website. The last one was a couple of years old so it was time.

blog roe painting in progressAnother painting is also in progress, this one is 24″ by 24″. I joke that painting square is like painting Hasselblad. I have finished three paintings this size or larger in the last few weeks. I really need to post the finished pieces here, but naming paintings gets in the way. I was discussing with my husband my “naming” difficulty, and that I can’t very well name them “tree”, “tree#2”, and “another flippin’ tree” (hey, it’s a series! LOL!)… husband’s solution was to name the paintings “untitled”. Soooooo as you can see the whole family is “naming challenged” so it might be a while before a finished piece hits the blog.

This evening  I also did a bit more recycled spinning, and I might get some stitching done (rumor has it the new House of Cards is up on Netflicks………by the way, check out the version of House of Cards that Sesame Street did, it is priceless).

Knitting and art by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, BC, Canada