Taking the Plunge

blog kayak 1We’ve finally taken the plunge. We’ve talked about picking up another kayak for quite a while. We’ve flipped through paddling magazines, watched for used boats on the coast, and drooled over the boats in the shops all winter long. We’ve debated getting a cheap kayak for the kids, or getting a better boat for “us” (the grown-ups!) and letting them have our little boat. Today we just did it. We walked into the store for another wistful look at the boats and there was a 13.5 foot boat on sale…quite on sale.

blog kayak 2The pretty green one is ours. We pick it up tomorrow. We’ll get to put it in the water in about a month. Kayaking isn’t on the minds of most in February, but we were actually paddling a week and a half ago out on the coast. Winter kayaking….best thing ever (beats shoveling snow!)blog kayak mapOf course when we saw this map, we just had to have it too!

5 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

    • We are really excited as now we can take the bigger kids out further and on longer paddles. Eventually we will have to have a fleet. Everyone is completely hooked on the different perspective paddling gives you, and the different things you can see.

      • Kayaking is amazing. We are fortunate to have many tidal lagoons in our area. Kayaking in them on a warm, calm day – just letting the current carry you – is like the sensation of flying dreams – wonderful.

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