One More Woolly Post

Just one more woolly post (I promise!) and then I will get back to more varied blogging.

hand knit itemsToday was a day of weaving in ends, choosing buttons, and sewing on buttons. The stack in the picture above was only part of what I tackled. I won’t share how long this whole process took (forever!), the only good thing is it gave me an excuse to avoid reorganizing the studio (tomorrow’s dreaded chore!). I am amazed at how long it can take to choose the “right” black button; I swear I spent over an hour matching black buttons to different projects because all black buttons are not created equal. I still have eight pieces to finish up and then I can shoot the lot in the studio…….well after I reorganize it that is…….I’m avoiding the studio as I have 180 square feet of backdrop to iron. Fun. Not.

blog feb knit spin 2As a reward for the endless weaving of ends I decided to tackle recycled spinning again. I divided up the scraps of yarn.

blog feb knit spin 3Broke it down just a little this time, and mixed up the colors.

blog feb knit spin 4And spun. This time it is spinning much faster, it is less finicky and breaking less. Now the question is, can I have a big ball of this ready to go by Saturday when I take my daughter to knitting group?

7 thoughts on “One More Woolly Post

  1. What is the device in the last photo which you seem to be using for spinning? It’s not a spinning wheel or is this the winding up after you have spun it on a wheel?
    Wish you good nerves (and nice music?) for reorganising your studio.

    • It is a Turkish spindle and it is what I am spinning with. It is similar to a drop spindle but the nice thing is when you are finished the two cross bars just slide out leaving the ball of yarn intact and ready to use.

  2. I am enjoying the wooly posts Deb, I hope you got your ball of wool finished for knitting group yesterday, I think threading ends in can be a real downer with both knitting and sewing projects, and know the ‘how long it takes to find the right button’ task, I hope the studio tidy is going well, Frances

    • The knitting and spinning was sidelined by another insurance trip to the cabin. Everything is going from bad to worse.

      I have discovered with weaving in ends that it is best to do a big pile at once, put on tune in radio, make a cup of tea, and settle in for a few hours.

      The studio is looking better. It probably wasn’t that bad honestly, I think I just have cabin fever . Too much time inside and any little clutter drives me insane. Unfortunately, in the photo studio you have so many bits that you use “sometimes”, props, backdrops, chairs, etc. so it is hard to streamline, but streamlining is exactly what I would like to do.

  3. Very cool to see the process of breaking down the fibers to spin it then to re-use. Thanks for sharing!

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