Apples for Dinner

blog apples for dinner_2669I was surprised to look out our window this morning to see a robin in our apple tree. A very well fed robin I might add. We watched the robin for a few minutes and then off he flew.

Later in the day the robin was back, along with two of his friends. The three robins feasted on the apples for quite a long time, probably trying to get their share before the huge flocks of waxwings visit the tree and clear out most of the apples.

We haven’t had many birds in our yard this year as we still haven’t managed to fill the feeders. Of course filling the feeders is going to be a bit of a production as the back gates are frozen shut, something that doesn’t happen often. We must have had the right mix of melting and freezing ….and now we have snow on top of everything too. The bird feeders are probably going to have to wait until a warm and melting day.