Woolisaurus – another knitted adventure

Late Sunday night my youngest, most huggy, kissy son came up to me and asked “Mama can you knit me a dinosaur?” I gave my standard “We’ll see.” response and it was left at that. By midnight I was thinking of how sweet he had been and thought why not, how hard can it be (a la “Top Gear”), and so I trekked off to the basement to find some yarn suitable for a dinosaur.

hand knit dinosaur

hand knit dinosaur

Turquoise seemed the right color for a stuffie knitted dinosaur for a preschooler. Not having a pattern I decided to start with the head and see how it went, knitting well past midnight. I figured if it went bad I could just abandon the project and my littlest one would be none the wiser, in fact he would probably have forgotten about his request by morning.

The head went well and I even managed to get a nice curve to it, and of course then I just had to see if the neck would work. By 2 am I had winged it enough to have a recognizable dinosaur head, neck and top of body.

blog woolisaurus_2656In the morning he awoke to see the started project on the kitchen table and the excitement kicked in. This dinosaur was going to be knit….today. Our son ran to get his huge multi-color dinosaur book, plopped himself down next to me, and opened the book of cartoon dinosaurs to be used for reference. After a quick discussion regarding the fact that this dinosaur was never going to be a triceratops (ever), he found a picture of the type of dinosaur his stuffie could be.

Sitting next to me, my son was the foreman. He told me how to knit the tummy, the number of legs the dinosaur needed and how long his tail should be. We did have our creative differences over the tail; I convinced him some trendy yellow stripes would look better than the red and green Christmas colors he wanted. We knit all morning and all afternoon until the dinosaur  was knit, stuffed and assembled. There was NO downtime. Looking a little under dressed we decided he needed a wooly scarf and that was knit this evening while playing (and losing) a game of Ticket to Ride.

We have named our dinosaur Woolisaurus….what else do you name a wooly dinosaur!? He measures 18 inches long and 6.5 inches high, and he has been hugged a lot already.

Being a patternless project, I probably should have written down what I was knitting as I did it, as I have now had more dinosaur requests from our other children. Maybe it is best this dinosaur is one of a kind, maybe that makes him even more special.

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10 thoughts on “Woolisaurus – another knitted adventure

  1. How cute! I miss not having a small boy to make random creative items for. Dinosaurs and kids, it’s perennial, you did well and yes, keep him unique, have a crack at triceratops.

    • Maybe his sister will get a lovely lilac triceratops with a tutu! I will have to think of how to make that work.

  2. O my goodness, that is adorable! Years ago I knitted a rabbit to accompany a children’s book I wrote for a friend. Seeing your knitted dinosaur gives me the urge to venture in the knitted animal kingdom yet again.

  3. he is wonderful Deb and definitely keep him unique, when my grandson requested a minecraft creeper, which I had not even heard of, anyway some of his school friends asked for one but I said no, I felt it would spoil his special one from Grandma, same with your son, his is special from Mum, Frances

    • My children all love Mine Craft too. I made my daughter a creeper birthday cake. Last night I was on to knitted finger puppets, however I might just teach the children how to make their own.

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