Mystery Dyeing

blog mystery dyeingI decided it was time to use up some of the dyes that have taken over both my kitchen counters and fridge. Rumor has it these areas are supposed to be used for cooking and food storage……who knew. Yellow is turmeric dyeing some threads previously dyed in pomegranate, plus I threw in a small amount of lopi yarn. The purple-pink is a lac and logwood combination, so a real mystery mix. It is also dyeing some thread and lopi. The thread is currently a disgusting color so it will probably be redyed later this evening, I will leave the yarn for a few hours and then decide it’s fate. I have two more jars sitting on the counter and then I will start on what is living in the fridge. Eventually it reaches a point where it is nice to start with brand new dyes (and have room to cook and store food too!)

I am dyeing small amounts of lopi as our 6 year old wants a hat that has been naturally dyed. I think small amounts of different colors knit into patterns would be fun; a completely unplanned hat. The thread is for the bull skull stitched piece; this is a piece of a lot of different bits…..I am still figuring out just where it is going.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Dyeing

  1. it’s nice to dye when you are not trying for a specific colour, random dying can be fun and sometimes produces combinations/colours you would not have done intentionally, the hat sounds fun, Frances

    • As the dyes had been used previously it is a bit of guesswork . The lac and logwood combination produced a really yucky color so I then popped it in left over brazil wood dye which improved things greatly.

      The hat will be fun with no pattern and no set plan.

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