1:00 am Cookies

blog cookies 2Doesn’t everyone bake Christmas cookies at 1:00 am? Yesterday’s batch lasted a half hour, these will be gone by the end of lunch today as they will be packed in the kid’s lunches.

blog cookies 1Most people seem to do one big Christmas bake, but that doesn’t work in our house. It seems no matter how many dozens of cookies I bake the kids find a way to eat them instantly. Five kids, of which three are VERY hungry boys, can consume a lot of cookies.

Chances are some of these cookies may even disappear before morning…..of course my husband may have something to do with that!

7 thoughts on “1:00 am Cookies

  1. oh Deb I had 2 very hungry boys and I remember feeling at times that the supermarket couldn’t stock enough food for them, there is an expression here, they were like ‘bottomless bins’ never full it seemed, lovely yummy looking cookies, your children are lucky to have a mum that provides home baked biscuits as we call them here, Frances

    • Here the phrase is “bottomless pit”. Our children are spoiled with homemade things…..last week it was homemade bread on three different occasions, plus made from scratch Cornish pasties (only way to get them here).

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