Painting “Work In Progress” – Roe Islet Arbutus #2

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I thought I would ignore the inconveniences of “real life” and spend the evening painting. For a change I am going with a  slide show of the “work in progress” . It is definitely not stellar photography, just some quick iphone shots, but they give a good idea on the progress of the painting.

This is another painting based on Roe Islet, “just” off Pender Island…….technically…..maybe 30 feet off Pender Island…..but still “off”  Pender Island. It is a little islet with a lovely little walk and an endless amount of interesting shaped trees.

This is an 11″ by 14″ painting, and is acrylic on panel. It is close to being finished with just needing highlights, shadows and details. perhaps one more evening of painting.