Today’s W.I.P.’s

blog wip nov 1

painting detail

The start of a new arbutus painting. This time on a panel 11×14 in size.

blog wip nov 4

coffee sweater in progress knit with wool dyed in chamomile, brazilwood and indigo

More knitting. I have sold almost all of my stock. It is a little scary to have no extra pieces made so it is time to knit.

blog wip nov 2

dyeing yarn in lac

More dyeing. This morning it was with lac, later it will be madder.

blog wip nov 3

start of a new fibre art piece on a smaller scale

A natural dye lino cut, printed on a eco print, being stitched. The lino cut dye acted differently. I have to figure out if it is the dye, the fabric or the eco print causing the change.

blog wip nov 5Today’s weather. Not fun to drive in.

On top of all this a 6 to 7 hour shoot this afternoon and evening. Luckily everything should quiet down photography-wise after this weekend allowing the “works in progress” to become finished pieces.

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    • It is currently -34C with windchill, last night it was -39C and buckets of snow. Driving is now like rally driving. If it warms up it will be great snow for snowshoeing, but right now it is just too cold to enjoy outside.Enjoy the heat you have!

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