Autumn Close Ups (……..and camera stories)

blog gaetz lake IMG_1188

It seems as if I have been a bit slow at blogging recently. It has been a combination of working on a restoration job, knitting and dyeing madly to complete an order, trip after trip to the cabin to sort out the disintegrating  floor, plus the blogging camera being out of commission due to the “not working” lens. I finally had to make a decision with regards to the camera situation. I had to decide between using the studio cameras, wait it out for the Olympus situation to be sorted out, or buy another camera. I chose to buy another camera (ironically on the same day Olympus decided to repair the lens).


In the end I decided to buy another Canon camera to use just for blogging. It might be a little bigger than the Olympus camera was, but I have a ton of glass I can use with it. I also needed to have something reliable, and Canon has been very reliable as cameras for me with my photography business. The images here are from the new camera.

blog gaetz lake IMG_1182These pictures are taken in the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary behind Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Many of the images I shot that day have been photographed with a painting in mind. Luckily a few leaves still linger on the trees, while the late afternoon makes for interesting lighting. Hopefully we will have a few more snow-free weeks to be able to enjoy this natural area before having to break out the snowshoes.

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blog gaetz lake IMG_1158

blog gaetz lake IMG_1154

Photography by Debra Hunter




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  1. Love the photos. My husband is an accomplished amateur photographer and he loves Canon cameras and lenses. His photos are on Flickr with screen name jerrygabby1

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