1 Day 1 World Project 12:00 am – 1:00 am

 star money

Late night stitching on the latest piece, while binge watching “Suits” on Netflicks, while waiting for child #3 to get to sleep.

I guess statistically it is quite good that 80% of our children are asleep, but still it IS late.

The latest piece is a bit of a folly. I had recently read about the idea of using fairy tales as a theme for art pieces. It caught my interest as years ago I had played around with nursery rhymes as a theme. So I cracked open a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (oddly it took me less than 3 minutes to find it in this house filled with books), flicked through a couple of stories, then came across one called “The Star-Money”. This one I could see done in naturally dyed silk, stitching and beading.

For several evenings I have been stitching late into the night…..or early morning as it were on Friday (5 am!)…..yeah, that hurt the next day.

I am trying to get through the stitching portion so that I can tuck into the fun part of beading.  The stitching gives the foundation, adding bling is fun.  I have discovered I need to do the beading  near the end of the piece due to challenges with stretching the piece in the frame. Hopefully just a few more days of stitching and then on to the fun stuff.

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artwork by Debra Hunter

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