Apple Blossoms

Our neighbourhood is in bloom with pink and white blossoms everywhere. This selection of images were all taken on a short stroll of about 200 feet. As you can imagine our neighbourhood is pretty picturesque this time of year.

(please click on the above images to view full size)

7 thoughts on “Apple Blossoms

    • Funny you should say that as I have been dyeing cotton yarn this afternoon with some very gentle pinks (plus other colors). I am also three quarters of the way through a cotton infinity scarf dyed in lac and madder, an explosion of pink and coral. If our offspring ever go to bed I plan on getting some knitting done and testing a few new ideas.

    • Last night we were supposed to have frost but it looks like everything survived. This is JUNE. Crazy.

      I saw your snow pictures, I didn’t know whether to “like” them or not. Who likes snow in June? LOL!

      • If it only lasts one day after a day of 28 degrees, and it doesn’t freeze overnight, it’s kind of fun 🙂 The roads are a mess though, and so are the apple blossoms. Great pictures!

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