And the beading begins!

The beading has begun. Truth be known I am probably a good twenty hours in on the beading with a very long way to go. The bulk of the beading will be on the river currents and from there I will move to the sky. This piece is based on the North Saskatchewan River.

I thought I would include an image to give some sense of scale; the boots show it is a big piece for stitching and beading.

And here is a close up shot just for fun .

Time to get more done!

13 thoughts on “And the beading begins!

  1. Each step of the way, I’m falling more and more in love with this piece! The size is so impressive and the attention to the details of every single stitch and bead is breathtaking. I look forward to the unveiling of each and every detail as well as the final product!

    • It has been really interesting working so large. I am still guessing at what it will look like in the end. It is an interesting process for sure.

  2. Deb it is lovely, the beading is adding more texture and sparkle, there is so much detail in the close up, if I remember you are working to a deadline, good luck, Frances

  3. Deb I left a comment here and on 2 other blog posts of yours last weekend but none of them have been posted, the comments are still awaiting approval from you, I thought at first you were just busy but as Patsy has commented 6 days after me and been approved I’m confused, sorry if I have said something wrong and offended you though I can’t think what or maybe my comments went into your spam folder, Frances

    • Sorry Frances. I have been doing wordpress on my phone and I am still figuring it out. First we were at Pender, then we were at home with super sick kids for a couple of days , and now we are at the cabin where we have dodgy reception. I will try to approve them on my phone or tomorrow I will be back to the computer. I think being nomadic this week made it so I didn’t keep up on things.

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