Frogs on the Blog

frogI recently took a break from stitching and beading (and feeding children and doing laundry) to spend an afternoon at the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada). Walking down to the bird blind we were serenaded by the songs of frogs.


We stopped at one area that was particularly loud, looked down into the water, and saw frogs everywhere.


Getting close for photos wasn’t an option as these images were taken through the slats on the bridge leading to the blind. Still, the frogs look pretty interesting by cropping in.

frogsI think frogs are pretty interesting to watch. They will move quickly, then stop and stay perfectly still for ages. The way they swim is great to watch.

froIn all the times I have been down to Gaetz Lake this is the first time I have ever seen frogs. On this visit  I must have just been at the right place at the right time.







2 thoughts on “Frogs on the Blog

  1. see I was scanning the blogfeed, and read that as FRog in the bog, which is slang for toad in the hole. I want yorkshire puddings now and its all you fault!

    • I love Yorkshire pud. Every so often we have to get our English food fix. Now I want pasties and pies and homemade chips.

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