Cleaning Up The Park – A “Green Deer” Event

park clean up

Saturday was a dull and windy day, but even the weather didn’t deter a group of our neighbours from taking part in an organized clean up of the Woodlea Park. Thanks to Peter McGee who organized the event, 20-30 people showed up to pick up trash and make the park once again clean.

park clean up The whole park was cleaned up from end to end, into the woods and up the toboggan hill.

The woods were particularly disgusting. It appears the high school students from the school across the street feel it is perfectly acceptable to throw all their lunch garbage into the woods by our homes. We collected garbage bag full after garbage bag full of food wrappers and fast food containers. This was really unimpressive.

park clean up The parking lot was also tackled as there was a ton of garbage lying around in this area.

park clean up We found a ton of garbage under this tree, literally a pile. Under the pile of garbage we found a mangled fence. My husband noticed the tag on it and said “Let’s lift it up and maybe it says who it belongs to….”

park clean up Ironic, huh?

park clean up We finished leaving behind a better and cleaner park.

park clean up We filled up bags and bags with garbage. There was a huge amount of trash. It is pretty unacceptable that people still think that in this era of environmental awareness that it is okay to litter.

blog clean up 4Here is the great group of people who took time out of their busy lives to make our neighbourhood a better place. Well done everyone! The park looks great.


If you are interested in participating in “Green Deer” and leaving Red Deer better than you found it the link to the City of Red Deer’s information can be found HERE.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning Up The Park – A “Green Deer” Event

  1. well done all, that fence with notice is ironic, would/does the school take any responsibility for the refuse the students leave, perhaps it would be a good idea if they had the students clean the wood, it might help, I hope your park stays clean, at least for a while, Frances

    • I sent the blog post to the school principal and mentioned maybe he could share it with the students so they could be more thoughtful in the future. The school is a high school so the students are certainly old enough to clean up after themselves .

  2. I know what you mean! Living across the street from a high school, we see all kinds of things. Including the foxes and coyotes that come after the lunch bags and take out containers and help spread the trash. Once I put all the parking lot trash in a pile and it filled a parking space. Once I used it to spell out YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL on the fence. Points not taken. But it’s really nice to know there are people out there who do care. Thank you!

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