Water Drops

water dropsSpring is finally here which means working in the garden. I was out weeding the other day and happened to notice that drops from the rain the previous night were still sitting on the plants in the flower bed. Judging from the location the drops might be on one of the Columbines, but I am not 100% sure.

plant, water drop and bugThis water drop had a visitor. There is so much happening in the flower beds when you get up close.

plant, water drop and bugEven the tiny plants were sparkling with droplets.

water drops on plantsSpring may have been a long time coming this year but perhaps it makes us appreciate the new growth more.


On a side note, for readers that follow all my blogs, last night I made the decision to deactivate the most recent blog, http://www.woodleaneighbours.wordpress.com . To quote my three year old it was “not working”. It is a good move that will free up time to paint, stitch, shoot and garden more plus eliminate being involved in neighbourhood politics. Perhaps this will allow me to get more interesting blog posts up on this blog, on Island Home, and on Debra Hunter .